My Path to Cosolargy

My Path to Cosolargy                                                          

By Paul V Young

The poet Rumi said, “What you are seeking is also seeking you,” and that idea aligns with my own experience (or ‘relationship’) with the Sun. Many of us who have pursued a lifelong spiritual quest while at the same time remaining involved in career, family, worldly activities and possessions, know what it’s like to be distracted from the path. Often our true goal remains buried deep within the core of our being until we are guided by a spark that ignites a lucid realization in our lower consciousness.

The seeds of spiritual yearning probably go back to my early years as an altar boy in the Catholic Church, an ardent student of Latin and the humanities subjects at college and then being part of the ‘love and peace’ generation of the sixties. Like many baby-boomers, I harboured a yearning for something more than what was being offered by traditional Christian churches, and was fascinated by alternative paths such as transcendental meditation being explored by the Beatles, Cat Steven’s move to Islam, and the inspirational lyrics of the Moody Blues (owing to their association with the Divine Light Mission). My Mom shared these interests but kept them low-key, in deference to my Dad who adhered to dogmatic Catholicism.

In my mid-teens I found two of my mother’s books on the shelves in our living room – one being A Search in Secret India by Paul Brunton, and the other, The Third Eye by Lobsang Rampa. (When I mentioned this in an article I wrote for New Dawn some years ago, I received mail from readers admonishing me for referring to the latter, because he had been “proved a fraud.” No matter, Lobsang Rampa had opened up a new world for me). I went on to read all the works written by those two authors.

Whenever I would read a passage about the connection of ancient peoples to the Sun, even in fictional novels, my heart would leap. As I now know, solar veneration was common to communities in South America, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, India and other sites around the world that were supposedly never in contact with each other. My lower mind, trapped in the intellect of the brain, began to pick up clues from what I called my Overself (a term used by Paul Brunton) that the goal of my spiritual quest was located right above me, in the Sun.

Many young people take a “gap year” after finishing their education, before embarking on their career. In the early seventies it was common for them to sail from Australia to London, and that was my intention too, until the plans fell through at the last moment. So instead, I went with a friend to the outback opal mining town called Lightning Ridge, situated in the semi-desert region of north-western NSW. There I became acquainted with a colourful array of characters, including my Dutch neighbour Harry who was known for his psychic abilities and wrote his interpretation of the Book of Revelations, as relating to the imminent advent of a new world; my Jewish friend Dick who introduced me to the Kabbalah and took me through a past-life regression; and of course my Aboriginal friends whose understanding of life was totally different to that of us white people. It was during this time that I came to revere the Sun as something to love rather than fear.

A career in international shipping and trade took me to many parts of the globe, and I spent several years at a time living in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand. Thus, I was exposed to elements of Taoism, Buddhism and the unique Filipino mixture of Christianity with Animism. In 1984 I journeyed to Baguio and the Benguet province of the Philippines highlands to experience first-hand the techniques of the psychic surgeons. Other highlights in Asia for me have included visits to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Tanah Lot Hindu temple in Bali and Wat Phrathat, Doi Suthep, Thailand. To the West, I have been privileged to witness the ancient Greek Valley of the Temples in the south of Sicily, where Empedocles, whom I greatly admire, dwelt two and a half thousand years ago; also Stonehenge and Glastonbury in England, the Sun King’s palace at Versailles, and I never tire of wandering around the Colosseum, Pantheon and Forums of Rome.

My time in Taipei spanned 1990 to 1995 and it was in 1994 that I experienced a lucid dream involving instruction from my guides, after which I joined the Rosicrucian organization AMORC (they were not active in Taiwan, so I studied their monographs by correspondence).  In September 1995, just as my business there was at its peak financially and I was considering promoting AMORC in Taiwan, I suffered a near-fatal car crash which brought everything to a halt. This affected my existence to the point that I now divide everything in my life as “pre-accident” and “post-accident.”

(While my association with AMORC has been beneficial overall, one of my frustrations has been that they sometimes make brief references to a particular topic, then say it cannot be discussed in this text and will be returned to at a future time. One such theme was that of the Sun, when they declared that there was much more than just light and warmth to be thankful for, and there were in fact other more subtle properties being directed to us on Earth from our star. However, many years later, I have not received any elaboration from them on the matter.)

Back in Australia, as I slowly recovered after the accident, I tried to reassemble my old life working at the company I had co-founded in 1980. I continued my Rosicrucian affiliation, studied Reiki to level three as well as two of their ancillary courses, obtained a writing diploma and contributed regular articles of a metaphysical nature to Insight Magazine.

Business life was no longer fulfilling, so I took an early retirement and payout then moved to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, where I completed an English teaching diploma and set up a company to enrol students to study at various Australasian colleges. This did not end well financially and I once again took up shipping/exporting to pay the rent, while at the same time my attraction to the Sun was growing stronger.

Everywhere I looked, Life was confronting me with “solar synchronicities,” yet I was still unsure what action to take. During the past couple of decades, I have connected with one I call my Muse (whose name I keep to myself). We are part of a small group we call the Guild of Scribes, which exists on a different dimensional plane – a plane occupied by many of the so-called vanished civilizations who are recorded as having simply disappeared from the face of the earth over the past ten millennia, and which I believe actually shifted to a higher-dimensional frequency. []

There are occasions when I am meditating that I achieve an altered state of consciousness (induced naturally, without taking any substances), during which these guiding Scribes instruct me to write – I do not call this “automatic writing” like some spiritualists do – and the result often surprises me when I come back to read it later. After one such episode I composed a short clip using Mind Movies, called Son of the Sun Credo, [ ] plus two more pieces I was inspired to put together some days later. My friends in Chiang Mai thought I was going a bit nutty, and there were times my own objective consciousness questioned what was coming from deep within me, which outwardly seemed to be an ‘obsession’ with the Sun.

By the end of 2011, I found myself back in Australia anticipating, as were countless other people, what might lay in store for the world in 2012. In retrospect, I do believe that a significant change did take place in December 2012 – on another plane and not in the physical way that some were expecting. Now I was fully retired from the rat-race, living on a government pension plus a little extra earned from writing news items for company websites. This afforded me the perfect opportunity to devote more time to my spiritual path and focus on whatever it was that was driving me toward the Sun.

Two years later I experienced an entire two-day period of being in a higher state, during which time I created my Solar Ancestor website and associated Blog. Afterwards however, I felt like the ‘Lone Ranger,’ wondering if I was the only person on the planet in the twenty-first century who was feeling this respectful familiarity for Father Sun.

To pinpoint the specific catalyst that brought me to Cosolargy’s front door, it would have to the reading of an article about the organization that appeared in New Dawn magazine in 2014 (Special Issue Vol.8 No.1).  This really piqued my interest and I sensed that I might have located my tribe, but proceeded cautiously. By late 2015 I had completed the online questionnaire and submitted my profile, after which I received the Project X booklet to read.  The writings of Gene Savoy Sr resonated with me then, and still do now, and I feel an intuitive, harmonious connection with him and the Academy he founded.

The period of 2017/2018 saw Life once again distracting me from the path, with two different medical episodes, relocation to another city and at the same time launching my own online magazine, while still contributing to New Dawn magazine, including three book reviews per month. The Sun kept calling me back and when I reconnected with my Preceptor, Bob, after a time away from Cosolargy, I knew this was the right way forward. He and I discussed the idea of me being the representative spokesperson for Cosolargy in Australia, after which I started a notebook (as is my habit) to jot down my thoughts, and the very first item on my list was that it was time to make a full commitment. There could be no room for half-heartedness.

In the ensuing months I made a point of discussing Cosolargy with people I met at conferences as well as in casual conversations with friends. It became obvious that I would meet resistance from people in the new age movement who are disillusioned with religion and often shy away from the word ‘God,’ preferring instead to say ‘Universe’ or ‘Spirit.’ So I went into a state of seeking guidance from my Overself, during my daily prayers and meditation in my home sanctum, asking for signs that would determine my direction. Gradually, I was answered.

In the end it became clear to me that not all of the 7.7 billion people in the world are going to embrace Cosolargy. My role is to reach out to those with whom it does resonate and arm myself with sufficient knowledge to answer their initial questions, then point them towards the Academy. A lot of my decision-making is accomplished during the stage of deep sleep (a handy technique to learn). In May this year I awoke one morning with the clear intention: I am to start making plans to attend the Convocation in Reno in September. From here, everything will fall into place. My focus will be on familiarizing myself with the members of the Academy, its processes and teachings to the point where I will be completely at ease writing, and talking publicly, about Cosolargy on my return to Australia.                                                                       Ҏνϒ

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Paul V Young is a freelance writer and published author. He is a certified practitioner of Reiki, NLP and LOA, and a certified TEFL English Teacher. After working and travelling in SE Asia for many years, he has now settled down at the Gold Coast, Australia.

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  1. Groovin’ Paul, I am not sure how you popped into my email, but it’s very nice, I have had some eye opening experiences with the sun gazing in terms of definate communication in mind and in the color of let’s say it’s aura in response to my thoughts while gazing lilac appears to be the color of consolidation and thumbs up from sol. When it becomes a black disc or white disc is a little con fusing. I would be keen to meet others who can be honest about experience with sol. For many reasons one being to help with my laziness in fully embracing these things I know to be realer than real. How does that happen that my enthusiasm seems to be harvested to elsewhere?


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