A NEW AGE: Australia’s Role in the New Geopolitical Landscape

The first intimation I had that Australia was to play a significant role geographically in the unfolding Aquarian Age was back in the seventies. At the time I was living in an outback mining town and met a man with uncanny psychic abilities by the name of Harry M. (I will withhold his surname) who had visions of what the future had in store for our continent.

Harry had a reputation for being able to look at a photograph of a person and give a reliable ‘reading’ about them. As a young man growing up in his native Holland during World War II, friends and neighbours would bring him photos of men who were away fighting and ask him how they were faring. Naturally, there were numerous occasions when the pictures would reveal the heartbreaking outcome that the soldier had already perished in action.

After migrating to Australia, Harry first settled in the Blue Mountains and soon gained a sense of his adopted country’s sacred past, while premonitions began to flow about its intended location as the focal point for a coming Golden Age. Before the dawning of this new age, he foresaw there must first be a time of darkness, in much the same way that individuals often experience a ‘dark night of the soul’ prior to enlightenment.  He would refer to this dark period as ‘the cleansing of the sanctuary,’ during which he predicted there would be natural cataclysms and political upheaval in the land. During his rare trips to Sydney, he confided, he would stand at Circular Quay while seeing, in his mind’s eye, the Opera House sliding into Sydney Harbour.

As is often the case with psychics, their timelines can be inaccurate. Like many of us back in the nineteen seventies, Harry believed that we stood on the cusp of the Age of Aquarius, mainly due to the musical show of that name, along with popular hippy culture of that era. Therefore, he anticipated that the events he was foreseeing would unfold over the latter part of his own lifetime. The more popular theory about the Aquarian Age these days is that it has only just started now – it follows the apparent movement of the star Regulus in the constellation Leo the Lion, marking the ancient border between the constellations Leo and Cancer. This star moved to within 30° of the September equinox point in 2012, meaning that Regulus left the sign Leo to enter the sign Virgo in that year. Presuming equal-sized constellations in antiquity, that places the border of the constellations Pisces and Aquarius at 150° west of Regulus, or at the March equinox point. By this reckoning, the Age of Aquarius started in 2012.

Many of us are now recognising that that this ancient land we call Australia is sacred; that it has been in rightful custodianship of our Original people for tens of millennia; that it has been maltreated by those who have colonised it and declared it to be a ‘western’ country; that it has been plundered by mining companies and its big cities polluted; that it is yet destined to be home to a higher way of living in the not-too-distant future.

A Continent Coveted by Would-Be Occupiers

Notwithstanding the injustice perpetuated on Australia’s original people by the British colonists who declared this land to be “Terra Nullius” (nobody’s land), I have personally always thought it was a blessing that there was only one colonial power involved. For such a large continent and, given the exploits of Spain, France and the Netherlands over recent centuries, it is almost a surprise that the landmass was not divided up into several countries run by different masters. Being just one country seems preferable, at least to me.

But this ancient land has been the object of desire by other powers over the past hundred years. Seven decades ago it looked certain that Japan was intent of taking over at least part, if not all, of the continent. The ‘Brisbane Line’ was a controversial defence proposal supposedly formulated during World War II to concede the northern portion of the Australian continent in the event of an invasion by the Japanese.

The Brisbane Line
In October 1942, Labor politician Eddie Ward, the Minister for Labour and National Service under Prime Minister John Curtin, publicly alleged that the preceding government under Prime Minister Robert Menzies had prepared plans to abandon the majority of the continent as soon as the Japanese invaded and concentrate defensive efforts on the south-eastern region. The idea was to prioritise defence in the vital industrial regions between Brisbane and Melbourne, leaving everything north of Brisbane to the Japanese. Ward had apparently been leaked the information by a Major working in the Secretary for Defence Office and he (Ward) later claimed that the relevant records had been removed from the official files. General Douglas MacArthur referred to it during a press conference in March 1943 and it was he who coined the term ‘Brisbane Line’. Fortunately, the occupation never transpired.

What is less well-known is the secret plan of Germans of the Neo-Nazi persuasion to muscle their way in here. According to an article in New Dawn Magazine special issue Vol 12 No 2, written by Mehmet Sabeheddin, there was a move by a ‘Fourth Reich’ front group over three decades ago to establish itself in Australia. A European man said to be a representative of a group known as APEN, or Aerial Phenomena Enquiry Network, was recorded in meetings back then with local supporters in Melbourne.

To quote briefly from that article, titled Nazi Flying Saucers: Secret Signs of a Fourth Reich? “[…] the man from APEN talked of the approaching transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius in the 21st century as a “time of fire” which would consume the old world. He said he was in Australia as part of an “advance party” in search of an “ark of survival,” a suitable location to establish a “refuge” in preparation for the “final battle.” The sparsely populated island of Tasmania held a particular fascination for this European visitor due to its “unique sacred geography” and connection with Antarctica.

“Reading the transcript of these admissions from 1987 by an unapologetic European occult Nazi-enthusiast, one wonders if he was aware of wartime Germany’s plan to resettle German-Australians in Tasmania in the event of their Axis partner Japan occupying the Australia mainland? Nazi UFOs, Aquarian Age prophesies, Knights Templar, Antarctica, neo-Nazi occultism, and a “final battle”… The uninitiated dismiss such talk as conspiracy theories, the stuff of dangerous fantasies.”[1]

Nazi Flying Saucers: Secret Signs od a Fourth Reich? By Mehmet Sabeheddin, New Dawn Vol 12 No 2 (2018)

Once again, thankfully, we seem to have escaped the warped fantasies of a future envisaged for our country by one-time enemies. We are, however, still players on the world stage and, as is more readily perceived by outsiders than our own citizens, Australia’s sweeping 7.7 million square kilometres is a highly sought-after prize. To make predictions is always fraught with risks, but to think the world is going to carry on throughout the twenty-first century on its present course without any upheavals would be naïve. What are the likely geopolitical changes ahead?

The New World Landscape

Mackinder’s Heartland Theory of Geopolitics

In 1904 the British geographer Halford Mackinder, addressing the Royal Geographic Society in London, advanced a geopolitical concept now known as the ‘Heartland Theory.’ He divided the world into three major regions. The first was the World Island comprising Africa, Asia and Europe and it incorporated both a ‘Heartland’ and a ‘Rimland.’ The second division was called the Offshore Islands which included the UK and Japan; lastly were the Outlying (or Periphery) Islands comprising North & South America, Australia, NZ, PNG, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Mackinder asserted that whoever ruled Eastern Europe would have control of the Heartland and emerge as the most powerful state in international politics. This Heartland took in Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Tibet and a good part of northern China, down as far as the Yangtze River.

To read more on the theory of the World Island and its ‘Heartland,’ I recommend an article in another recent New Dawn Special Issue Vol 12 No 1, titled ‘The Post West World – How China and Russia are Shaping Tomorrow.’ It is written by barrister and lecturer James O’Neill, who says, “What has transpired, especially in the past 16 years, is a geopolitical realignment that has given fresh impetus to Mackinder’s prescient view of the emergence of the “Heartland,” that is, Eurasia, as the focus and dynamic centre for the 21st century.”

Mr O’Neill concludes his article with the following paragraph: “The fundamental fact of the 21st century is that the US no longer has the power to impose its will as it was largely able to do from 1945 to 2000. A new model, centred on the World Island Heartland is taking shape, with China and Russia as its major drivers.”[2]

On 18th March 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin had himself re-elected for another six-year term, i.e. he will be in power until at least 2024. A week earlier, China’s Congress passed a constitutional amendment removing presidential term limits, allowing President Xi Jinping to remain in office indefinitely. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani is very much aligned with Russia, and Tukey’s President Erdogan is reorientating his country away from NATO and towards the East. This week Turkey took delivery of its first S-400s Russian defence system.

All these powerful figures seem to be lined up on one side of the fence, while facing them are other so-called strongmen US President Donald Trump, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – all of whom are trying to control domestic unrest in their own homelands. Trump seems to be relinquishing the USA’s worldwide influence while sparking a trade war with China.

So, for our globe to be controlled from this hypothetical Heartland is certainly a possibility, and one that I suspect may be upon us sooner rather than later.

Where Does Australia Fit into the New Picture?

In the areas of politics and international trade, Australia may soon have to decide whether it is part of the East or the West. Not only does our geography tell us we are in the East, but China is now our main trading partner and we have strengthened ties with South East Asia generally in the 21st century. At the same time, there are fresh calls to break ties with the British Commonwealth and become a republic, concurrent with rumblings of discontent about our military alliance with, and unconditional support for, the USA.

A quick glance at the map above reminds us that this vast continent stands apart from the rest of the troubled world and I, like many others, believe that it may well become the spiritual sanctuary of the planet before too long. Over the past few years I have written a series of articles for New Dawn magazine about the historical figures who contributed to Australia’s spiritual, metaphysical and occult legacy. In ND Issue #152, September-October 2015, one such story was published under the title ‘The Mystique of the Manor.’ It was primarily about the historic building that was, and still is, home to the Theosophical Society in Sydney. I concluded it with the following paragraph (Note – CWL is Charles W Leadbeater):

“There is a conviction held by organisations and individuals concerned with esotericism that Australia has a special role to play in the dawn of a New Golden Age. In a series of lectures delivered in Sydney in August 1915, CWL had proclaimed “Australia and New Zealand as the home of a new sub-race.” He had detected in Australia “children and young people of a distinctly new type.” A new antipodean human type characterised by intuition and the powers of synthesis.   This is consistent with the New Age concept of Indigo Children.  In the last years of his life, CWL claimed to have been instructed by the ‘World Mother’ to establish a ministry for her worship, including an apostolic succession to be passed on through women and for the foundation of a feminine religion to parallel the masculine-based Christianity. To date this has not made any public appearance, but the tradition is said to be perpetuated within Theosophical circles privately.”

The Post West World – How China and Russia are Shaping Tomorrow.’ By James O’Neill, in New Dawn magazine special issue Vol 12 No 1 (2018).

As evidenced by a number of conferences I have been attending lately, this conviction is shared by many and I feel it is important to come together and form a communal vision of the future of this great land. It has been said that in order to know where we are going, we first need to know where we have come from. Furthermore, it is crucial that Australia’s Original people are part of our unfolding future, just as they have been custodians of the land for millennia gone by.

My own personal vision is somewhat abstract and I do have strong feelings connected to Australia’s geographic Centre and, in particular, the majestic rock that is Uluru, set right at its heart. Others I know have stronger views on events which are before us and it is important that we find common ground to form a clearer picture. I have attended the Cosmic Consciousness Conferences at Uluru in both 2018 and 2019. Next year on 12 January 2020, at a rare Saturn Pluto conjunction, it is believed by the Anangu elders that a significant shift will take place – perfection will spread throughout the world – “a cosmic umbilical cord will unite heaven with earth”. It is for this reason that one of the most significant spiritual conferences on the annual calendar – the Cosmic Consciousness Conference will again be held at Uluru-Kata Tjuta in January 2020.  

Published by australianesoteric

Paul V Young is a freelance writer and published author. He is a certified practitioner of Reiki, NLP and LOA, and a certified TEFL English Teacher. After working and travelling in SE Asia for many years, he has now settled down at the Gold Coast, Australia.

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