The Heart – The Inner Sun


The Movie titled Time of the Sixth Sun was re-released online this week and I watched it again, although I have not viewed all the accompanying short videos that are being released each day after it. I find the ideas contained in it to be a bit scattered, and each of the guests who appear in it express diverse opinions that relate to whatever discipline they practice – they all agree that a new age is upon us, however the details of it are fairly sketchy.

They start out on the right track when, at about 11 to 13 minutes into the 1hr 50min movie, Dan Schreiber says (and I must paraphrase, this is not verbatim) The Sun is a living energetic being; the heart is like an internal Sun. He is followed immediately by Peruvian elder Jorge Luis Delgado who makes reference to Father Sun, telling us We can send the Sun’s energy to all the cells in our body – which are like little Suns – to awaken the body so you can experience the Light in you, the Light that you are.

The other guest I enjoyed hearing from was Drunvalo Melchizedek, whose work I have followed for many years, including his book Living in the Heart. At one point in the film he declares that the heart is a portal. I have written in other articles about how our Sun is also a portal, and that the golden orb we see in the sky has an unseen counterpart that is the source of our life energy. Philo of Alexandria called it The Sun of the Sun – Ancient Egyptian and Greek teachers said the Sun we see is just the physical form of a higher ‘Intelligible or Spiritual Sun.’

In the same way, people have always taken it for granted that there is an invisible counterpart to the human heart. When we talk about our ‘heart of hearts,’ or not ‘having the heart for something,’ or giving our heart away in love, we are not talking about the bodily organ that pumps blood around our system, are we? Note how often people point to their heart when referring to themselves. It corresponds to the notion of putting your ‘heart and soul’ into something.

The sketch at the top of this page is from the 17th century Hermetic philosopher Robert Fludd, who taught that the intelligible heart was in fact a ‘little Sun’ within the human being, connected to, and animated by, the great Sun we see in the sky. Fludd’s perception was informed by his medical training and firsthand understanding of human anatomy. He naturally compared the position of the Sun to the position of the heart after having observed that each object was located at the mathematical centre of their respective domains. It was on this assumption that Fludd conceived of the circulation of the blood – although it was his friend and colleague William Harvey who is credited as the first known physician to publicly describe this completely in detail.

In the past I have written articles about how the best way to absorb Sun-light is through the eyes, but lately I have had some adverse reaction to that from commentators on social media, and I respect that. You should not try Sun-gazing without the correct training and supervision (I always add that caveat, but it seems to get ignored). The good news is that we also absorb the Sun’s rays through our skin – in fact, that’s acknowledged as the best way to obtain vitamin D. You don’t need to get yourself sunburnt – just 20 minutes exposure around mid-morning on sunny days is advisable.

While we are receiving the Sun on the physical level, we are also benefitting from the Sun behind the Sun, i.e. its spiritual energy. It must be acknowledged that there is a right and a wrong way to receive the Sun’s Light, which is why I joined the organization known as Cosolargy – they teach the same techniques that were practiced in Ancient Egypt and South America. What I can say here is that the Sun should always be approached with respect in your heart, keeping in mind the words at the beginning of this article that it is a living energetic being.

Once this energy reaches your inner being, it may be circulated throughout your psychic self and your whole electromagnetic field, by means of the inner heart, that mini-Sun that lights you from within. When discussing these matters it is natural to consider the solar plexus, by virtue of its very name. This cluster is described as ‘solar’ because of its radiating nerve fibres and it follows that its energetic counterpart is also a centre for radiation, used by spiritual healers and light-workers. So, the inner heart receives and circulates the power of the Higher Sun, while the force centre located behind the solar plexus allows us to distribute and share it with those around us.

Today I was scouting around on the internet to compare what others have to say on the subject and found the diagram below on a website belonging to Padmacahaya, which is interesting as they go to some length to pinpoint the ‘location’ of the inner heart, so I will finish with that image as additional food for thought on the unseen centres of power.

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Paul V Young is a freelance writer and published author. He is a certified practitioner of Reiki, NLP and LOA, and a certified TEFL English Teacher. After working and travelling in SE Asia for many years, he has now settled down at the Gold Coast, Australia.

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