The Inner Voice & the Y-Principle

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Looking back over a rather eventful life, I can identify many turning points such as career changes, relocating home, travelling abroad, starting & ending relationships, buying & selling things, and undertaking challenging experiences. Invariably, decisions were based on what seemed right at the time, yet in retrospect, some choices proved fruitful while others appear less judicious.

I’ve always been one to follow the Inner Voice, in preference to agonizing intellectually for a long time over the pros and cons. The problem with that, I have come to realize, is that the Inner Voice can come either from a place of light where the higher Self dwells, or it can arise from a lower, dark place. Since Inner Voices seem to emanate from somewhere within the “Self,” the trick is to discern which is which. I have learned to apply what I call the Y-Principle.

In ancient times, Pythagoras adhered to the Y-Principle, a concept he brought back from his travels to Egypt. The Y signified the power of choice and represented the Forking of the Ways. It is a symbol of a central stem branching to the right, which was called Divine Wisdom, and to the left, which was referred to as Earthly Wisdom. At the point where the path divides, one can take the left-hand direction, following the dictates of the lower nature, or the right-hand road which leads to union with the higher spheres. The latter involved the use of intuition to recognize the invisible spirit of things, rather than their outwardly manifested forms.

During the five years I lived and worked in Taipei (1990-1995), I recall the media publicized the story of an old professor who persuaded the government to re-introduce a time-honoured concept into schools that he thought was in danger of being lost to the new generation: that of listening to “guidance” called the Inner Voice. Actually, in Taiwan it was called Liang-zhi. ‘Liang’ was translated into English as ‘intuitive,’ although it is also commonly understood to mean ‘good.’ Adding –zhi denoted a quality or sense. Together the words were interpreted by English speakers to be the Inner Voice.

When the Inner Voice speaks, how do we know whether it is what Pythagoras called our Divine Wisdom, which will lead to a happy outcome, or if it’s the Earthly Wisdom that is taking us down a path we may later regret? How do we apply this Y-Principle?

To begin with, we need to be able to identify the source of the message. Is it really coming from within us, or are we picking up on an external impulse? One thing I have learned during my time as a member of the Cosolargy system is that, just as there are light energies, there are also dark forces. I like to envisage all beings as being surrounded by a sphere, which is the ubiquitous universal form. At the centre of every sphere is a source of light; consider the Sun at the centre of the solar system (we also have a central galactic Sun); think of the nucleus at the centre of the atom; the earth has a super-hot core. If you picture the human torso and head (not including arms and legs) the heart is at the centre, and likewise the corresponding cardiac energy centre is near it, right at the centre of our spiritual sphere. Like a miniature Sun, it is what could be called our ‘solar heart.’ Once we know we are receiving a message from within our true Self, rather than from an outside energy, we may trust it.

How do we achieve that? When the Inner Voice speaks – challenge it, just as a sentry would ask, “Friend or Foe?” One of the hallmarks of intuition is that it comes with a sense of ‘knowing.’ You know what is ‘your own’ as opposed to what doesn’t belong to you. If the message is coming from an outside, darker force, chances are it is expressing itself through negative emotions such as anger, hurt, guilt, frustration or a sense of revenge. If, on the other hand, it originates from your authentic inner centre, it will feel good, it will feel right. It ‘rings true.’ If you are under the influence of emotions, you need to concentrate on becoming calm, freeing yourself from the negative power of dark thoughts and feelings. You must connect to the place within you where your destiny is being created, moment to moment. Then envision the outcome that would emerge as result of heeding the guidance. This picture should be bright and light, leading you to feel safe, secure and confident in the outcome.

In this process you learn to differentiate between messages from the heart, and the gut animal instinct. Instinct is an innate, hardwired tendency. We are all aware of involuntary processes such as the flight-or-fight syndrome. ‘Gut feeling’ is actually aptly named, since within the intestinal lining is the enteric nervous system. This is where millions of neurons are hiding, and they talk to your brain via the Vagus nerve.

Dark thoughts relate to the past and future, and carry a sense of dread and nervousness. The Inner Voice, however, focuses on the present, and its messages tend to feel neutral or calm. The mind suddenly discovers and knows that certain things are true without further investigation or inquiry, and proceeds to govern action upon the assumption of their truth.

Inner Voice communications are directive – they’re usually telling you what to do or what not to do, so they come across as a direction – or even an order. Often, intuitive messages begin with a verb, so you’ll feel or hear a ‘call to action.’

Your Earthly Wisdom, which operates differently, tends to wonder about things, asking “what if?” and “why?” rather than direct you towards taking action. So, the way the message comes through can help you know which branch of the Y principle is calling out to you.

There are two prongs to the Y-Principle to keep in mind:

Learn to recognize the messages of the Inner Voice, know when they are authentic, when they resonate with you, and when it is appropriate to follow them.

Learn to reject the dark messages of the left-hand path, whether from your own lower self or from outside sources.

My policy (or slogan, if you like) when it comes to the Inner Voice is:
Light is Right!

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Paul V Young is a freelance writer and published author. He is a certified practitioner of Reiki, NLP and LOA, and a certified TEFL English Teacher. After working and travelling in SE Asia for many years, he has now settled down at the Gold Coast, Australia.

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