WHAM: Whole Heart And Mind


During this time of lockdown due to Covid-19, many have paused to reflect on what is really important and meaningful in their life, and what they might do differently when it’s all over.

How well do you – the ‘ego personality’ – know your true Self? The answer to this question can only come from your heart. This does not require a separation of the head and heart, but rather a connection.

We often wonder whether we should follow our head or our heart. Rather than see this as an either/or choice, we should draw on both sources to serve us simultaneously and in harmony. The connection of head and heart is part of the Self-realization process: make the two into one. This ends the internal division we humans experience and makes us whole again.

The intuitive person will immediately think of the head/heart duality in metaphysical terms, yet it is equally true from the physical perspective. According to the HeartMath Institute, “We have learned, however, that communication between the heart and brain actually is a dynamic, ongoing, two-way dialogue, with each organ continuously influencing the other’s function.”

In 2003 the Canadian pioneer researcher, Dr. J. Andrew Amour, revealed to us in his book about Neurocardiology that the heart is a sensory organ containing about 40,000 neurons – called sensory neurites – with an extensive intrinsic nervous system that is sufficiently sophisticated to qualify it as being a “heart brain.” Which means it can think.

According to HeartMath, the heart communicates with the brain in four ways:
– Neurologically (nervous system)
– Biochemically (hormones)
– Biophysically (pulse waves)
– Energetically (electromagnetic fields, or EMF)

The last of these – communication through EMF – is significant because a number of sources drawn on for this article portray the heart as having a torus shaped EM field emanating from it, much like the EM field of planet Earth. A number of scientific experiments have been carried out that demonstrate how human intention can affect electromagnetic fields.

That does not surprise me, as I’ve always thought of the human brain as being a transceiver. What it tells us in practical terms is that we can employ functions of the physical brain and heart, in addition to using meditation and visualization on the metaphysical level, to reconnect mind with spirit (or Yang with Yin, if you like). This process may be encapsulated in the statement: Light and Life are conjoined by Love.

My own interest, of course, has long been in the influence of the Sun on our energy centres – commonly called chakras – particularly the fields around both the higher mind and the cardiac energy centre. Light emanates from the Sun and enters the head firstly through the receptors in our eyes and is then circulated within our being by the pineal gland (also called the third eye). Life (the Vital Life Force) enters via the force centre around the heart. Christian religious icons have depicted Jesus and his mother Mary as having not only haloes around their heads, but also radiantly luminous “sacred hearts.”

The 17th century Hermetic philosopher Robert Fludd taught that the heart’s energetic force centre was in fact a ‘little sun’ within the human being, connected to, and animated by, the great Sun we see in the sky. In doing so, he was following Kabbalistic philosophy, and other forms of traditional cosmology, where the heart, as the seat of life and centre of the soul, is regarded as the microcosmic reflection of the life-giving Sun.

The widely respected author Dr Paul Brunton coined the term ‘Overself-atom,’ referring to a minuscule particle he said existed in the chest cavity. In his book ‘The Quest of the Overself.’ he quoted from the ancient treatise, ‘Chandogya Upanishad’: “This is my soul in the inmost heart, smaller than a grain of rice, or of barley, or of mustard-seed, or of a grain of millet’s kernel; this is my soul in the inmost heart, greater than the earth, greater than the atmosphere, greater than the heaven, greater than these worlds.”  So, we see that while mystics describe the physical particle as minuscule, they envisage its psychic counterpart as being like the Sun, with some referring to it as the Solar Heart

Mystical traditions have for millennia offered practices to open and activate this Solar Heart, using the tools of meditation, visualization, intonation and breathing techniques.  For aspirants wishing to learn such a meditation method without joining an organization, the book/CD set Living in the Heart (also published in 2003) by Drunvalo Melchizedek may be a helpful starting point.  For those who practice chakra visualization, the strategy is to connect the third eye to the force centre of the heart.  The ego personality perceives that consciousness arises from the brain, but that is a relative truth.  The brain as the seat of reflected consciousness can be compared to the moon, getting its true conscious light from the Solar Heart.

You may be used to the popular concept of the seven-chakra model, whereas the System of Cosolargy which I practice holds that the oldest and more exact traditions teach there are eight chakras reaching from the top of the head to the base of the spine. The heart or Anahata chakra is generally believed to be in the centre of the torso and controlled by the colour green. However, the ancient Indians taught that the Anahata actually comprises two chakras, a lower heart (green) and a higher heart (blue). The lower is the Splenic energy centre near the sternum, while the true higher heart is in the upper chest area and is the Cardiac centre. For the purposes of the methods described below, the energy  centre of the higher heart is represented by the torus shaped field around the organ.

The head and the heart are meant to work together in resonance. For those who desire to draw back the curtain that separates them and reclaim their wholeness, there are two avenues of reconnection: the physical method, using focused intention to manipulate the electromagnetic field; or psychically, by way of meditation and visualization. It is reasonable to assume that a two-pronged approach using both would enhance success.

Using Intention to Connect the Brain and the Heart

We have several mental tools at our disposal with which to manipulate EM fields: belief, intention, willpower and focused thought. Anyone who has studied, and put into practice, The Secret and/or the Law of Attraction will know that our ability to manifest and materialize our intentions is very real. It begins by directing your attention.

The problem that occurs for many who have tried and failed with it, is that they base their intention on a thought that has just popped into their brain. We need to have the head in sync with our heart before we know what we really want, so the number one intention on our list should be to mend the fractured Self and reunite the two. Intentions are most successfully manifested when they are written down, so keeping a note book or diary is helpful. You will probably want to have that notebook and pen beside you during this exercise.

Many people find the Emotional Freedom Technique (EMT) of tapping works for them. The following method is loosely based on tapping and is a very simple and effective way creating a link between head with heart through the EM field.

Seated comfortably, take several deep belly breaths, placing both hands on your lower abdomen. Allow your inhalation to extend your belly out as far as possible and, on the exhalation, allowing your belly to sink into your body. Make this breathing your only focus.

Next, place your right hand on your heart and your left hand on the top of your head. Focus your attention first on your left hand on your head, and then slowly move your attention to your right hand on your heart. Feel the fingers in your right hand and touch the skin of your chest (or collar of your shirt). Slowly begin to lightly tap over both the head and heart — fingers of the right hand tapping over heart, left hand over the top of the head. After about 60 seconds, move your left hand from the top of your head to cup it over your right hand, which continues to tap above your heart. You are using your intention to synchronize the EM field of your brain with that of your cardiac centre, and bring your conscious awareness from the head to heart.

Gradually slow down the tapping over a minute or so, then finish by resting both hands over your heart centre. Breathe deeply for at least four breaths.
Let your mind go blank and just see what comes to you.

After remaining receptive for several minutes, jot down your impressions on paper. What did you feel in your chest? What does your heart tell your mind? Does the message support or weaken what has been important to you in life up until now? What emotions are you feeling? Look for the reasons behind these feelings.

Using Meditation to Connect the Higher Mind with the Energetic Heart

The best way to start this exercise is by deep-breathing to centre yourself. Sitting comfortably on a chair or cushions with spine straight is the ideal posture. Breathe in through the nose. I like to breathe out through the nose as well, but if you’re accustomed to exhaling through the mouth, that’s fine too. It is a good idea with the first few deep breaths to make sure you empty your lungs completely. Repeat until you feel focused. Closing your eyes is preferable when doing visualizations.

To begin with, your awareness will be in your head.
Bring it right to the centre of the head, to the pineal gland.
See yourself as a small sphere of light, which you know to be the endpoint of a lightbeam.
Imagine yourself descending slowly to the throat, extending the beam behind you as you go.
As you descend you are aware that your head is receding above you.
Your inner vision now looks outward from your throat as you feel its soft tissue around you.

The purpose is to bring your awareness to your throat, so your sense of ‘I am’ is here.
(If it takes a while to get used to moving your awareness to your throat, just go this far the first time you do it, and come back tomorrow to try the next step).

When it feels right, continue moving your awareness down toward your heart.
You are moving toward the centre of your chest with the ray of light streaming behind you.
As you look down you see a translucent torus in motion around the heart.
(The torus is shaped like a donut, and you see the energy rising upwards on the outermost side of the ring, then flowing back down into the hole in the middle).

As you approach the heart from above you see that the hole in the centre of the toroidal energy field is a vortex, swirling in a counter-clockwise direction.
Allow yourself to fall through it and for a moment you will feel very still, like being in the eye of a storm.
Then you realize you have entered the sacred space within your heart.
You are still a tiny sphere at the head of a lightbeam that connects right back to the pineal gland in the centre of your head. This is where Light meets Life.
Your conscious human nature is now in communion with your soul.
The beam of light keeps the faculties of heart and head connected; you have just shifted your consciousness, so your sense of ‘I am’ operates from the heart, for a change.

Spend some time here – perhaps 10 minutes the first time you try it.
You might feel like you’ve been here before, or maybe like you are ‘meeting yourself’ for the very first time.
If your life purpose was not clear to you before, it may now be revealed.

Final Note

Self-Realization rarely comes in a blinding flash (although it can if the practitioner is ready). When the head and heart are synchronized, we find ourselves in a state of conscious co-creation, from where we can manifest our true innermost desires into the outer world.
Our Self is then no longer divided. It is in a sacred space of peace, harmony and healing. The higher worlds can be debated fruitlessly by the intellect, but true wisdom, knowledge and understanding reach our consciousness from the heart.


https://www.heartmath.org/research/; https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/; https://www.huffpost.com/entry/; Books: The Quest of the Overself, by Dr. Paul Brunton; Living in the Heart, by Drunvalo Melchizedek; Jesus Christ Sun of God, by David Fideler


Published by australianesoteric

Paul V Young is a freelance writer and published author. He is a certified practitioner of Reiki, NLP and LOA, and a certified TEFL English Teacher. After working and travelling in SE Asia for many years, he has now settled down at the Gold Coast, Australia.

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