The Future Already Exists

Traversing the Sphere of Time

Over the past two weeks I have encountered discussions on the subject of “time” everywhere I turn; an unexpected take on the theme appeared today in an article claiming that Donald Trump was told in a briefing by his advisors that the Roswell UFO Crash involved time-travelling humans from the future. The story links back to a podcast Trump did with his son a month ago, in which he described what he had learned about the controversial event as “very interesting.”

Prophecy has always fascinated us humans, but the consensus view has been that the future doesn’t actually exist yet and that anybody receiving visions of it is most likely just glimpsing probabilities – or possibilities – of a time that, as of now, is still without form or substance. But, if time is a dimension just like space and the future is simply a point we have not so far physically reached, then all the science fiction about time travel becomes achievable.

The article I referred to above about Donald Trump appears on the Exopolitics website of internationally recognized Australian expat scholar, Dr Michael Salla. I will quote this paragraph from it and follow that with a link for interested readers. “This is what (Corey) Goode wrote to me about what Trump has been told and what is about to be officially disclosed:
I have mentioned this in the past. It was brought up again recently after Trump commented on Roswell. POTUS ‘Roswell Briefings’ are basically this: Roswell was NOT an Alien event. It was a mishap from US in the future. POTUS is told that the MAJORITY of the lights seen in the sky are from our own craft operating in the future and creating a temporal butterfly effect. They are told that what the ancients saw in the sky was often the exact same phenomenon…” Read the full article HERE.

The idea that the future already exists was brought home to me this week when watching a video clip showing Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma of the Hopi Fire Clan in Arizona. In his short talk at the Second Prophecy Rock, he speaks of the future with as much detail and confidence as he recounts the past. We just happen to be having an experience right now at a point called “the present.”

The communications between Dr Salla and Corey Goode – who is known as a ‘Secret Space Program Insider’ – include this statement: There is a constant contact between the present and the future since the late 50’s. The ‘PLAN’ that Q often mentions was delivered to the mid 1960’s ‘pre-alliance’ members in full and that plan has been followed ever since. These people carry these weird looking pagers (like from the 80’s/90’s) that has a flip out keyboard that allows the person to communicate with their FUTURE self and command center within these programs. There are Quantum Computers that are used for this communication and it operates in ‘reciprocal dimensions’ where time flows in different directions and at different rates. Data is transmitted in these alternate dimensions.

When you stop and think about it, the concept of UFOs coming from another time has as much merit as them originating in a distant star system. The technology required to ‘jaunt’[1] between time points may be no more complex than that involved in traversing light-years through space. Since we are unable to physically wade back and forth in the flow of time, we must logically first move outside of the space-time continuum and then re-enter it at another period/date.

In my last blog I wrote about spheres, and different dimensions can be visualized in this shape. Physics tells us that in the 3D material universe, space and matter are conjoined, so it is reasonable to consider time as one of the spheres. If beings from the future, whether human or ET, master the skill of ‘jaunting’ into our time physically – as opposed to using mental or astral projection – they must first dematerialize from this worldly sphere, before reassembling themselves again bodily back in this realm at a different time.

If, as indicated by Corey Goode, UFOs (or at least some of them) hail from the future, it tells us the occupants need to undertake their excursions inside a vehicle. It would be crucial to pre-select the exact time and location of re-emergence. Failure to pinpoint one’s destination with surgical precision might result in the kind of mishap that occurred at Roswell in 1947.

It has always seemed incongruous to me that beings in possession of technology sufficiently advanced to carry them across light-years of space would be so inept as to crash-land their vehicle on arrival at Earth. But popping into our dimension from another point in space-time could explain it. One might also wonder why they would travel so far just to have a quick look at us before hastily departing. The idea of inter-dimensional travel can hold more rational appeal, as does the new allegation of time-travellers from the future.

To traverse time in our bodies or vehicles, we would either have to locate a naturally occurring vortex/wormhole, or construct what is popularly known as a time-machine, as it is now being suggested we will eventually do. An alternative method of convincing ourselves that the future is real, is to project ourselves there mentally or spiritually. While this is a purely subjective experience and does not carry the same weight as physical travel, the ability to view events still to come, and make an accurate prophecy, is useful in establishing the pre-existence of the future. I originally intended to cover techniques for future-viewing here but, to avoid complicating this blog, will treat that as a separate issue next time.

For now, we wait for the next step by the US government in an action being anticipated as the ‘Disclosure.’ It is often said that the world is not ready to hear the truth about UFOs and ETs, with speculation that the past few decades of sci-fi movies and leaked military information have been preparing us for this Disclosure. But, while the masses might no longer go into panic on learning there is other intelligent life out there, how are they going to handle the news that beings – human or otherwise – are travelling inter-dimensionally and dropping in on us from the future?

[1] I am borrowing the term “jaunt” which was used by author Alfred Bester in his novel The Stars My Destination in which the hero Gully Foyle, engaged in a style of teleportation called Jaunting. Stephen King later employed the term in his book The Jaunt in homage to Bester.

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