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Prescience, Prophecy and Prediction

The theme of my last blog about time, and the future, generated some positive feedback and questions. If we do not have a time machine at our disposal in which to physically “jaunt” from one time-point to another, the next best thing to prove the existence of the future is to establish a communication link with it. We will look at ways to do this mentally, but first – is there a device that can connect visually and/or audibly with either the past or the future?

Recently, several computer programs have been developed with the function of predicting the future, and here we should note the difference between the three words in the sub-title of this blog. Prophecy is considered to be the divine gift of foretelling future events; Prediction is the ability to say what is going to happen before it actually does, and this describes the process being employed by Artificial Intelligence; Prescience is having fore-knowledge – actually knowing the future, which would involve the removal of  the time-barrier. (Other terms such as premonition and presentiment are generally considered to be vague). So, Prescience is my ideal term.

One story that persists, in the face of strident denials, is that the Vatican possesses a time-bridging device called the Chronovisor. It is said to have been invented in the 1950s by Italian physicists Enrico Fermi and Pellegrino Ernetti, and constructed by a team of twelve world-famous scientists that included the German space-age rocket pioneer Wernher von Braun and French Catholic priest, Father François Brune, who described it in his 2002 book Le Nouveau Mystère du Vatican. Some say that is was based on technology masterminded by Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla.

The Chronovisor has been described as looking like a large cabinet featuring a cathode ray tube viewing screen, with its components being made of three precious metal alloys and comprising a tuning dial that works with electromagnetic signals. Its operation is based on a technology identified by Wikileaks documents as “quantum access.” Well-known author Alfred Lambremont Webre has said “This leaked WikiLeaks information does not include the secret programs that permit humans to travel backwards and forwards in time.”

Webre revealed in an interview with Daily Star Online, “What the Vatican did is they subcontracted the technology and gave it to the US Pentagon and CIA starting in the late 1960s. The CIA immediately saw they could use it for political purposes. They set up a programme in the late 1960s to gain knowledge about the political future.” He claims further that: “Using the Chronovisor, the future president is revealed ahead of time and the CIA “groom them for the job” so they would “represent the American empire… even if they were on the left or the right” of politics.”

An interesting side note, since we have mentioned the US president, is that M.I.T. Professor John G Trump – the uncle of current president Donald – was called in by the FBI to examine Nikola Tesla’s documents after his death in 1943. Then of course there are the recently ‘rediscovered’ books by 19th century writer Ingersoll Lockwood – two about Baron Trump and one about the Last President. Perhaps the author had glimpsed the future?

Coincidentally, this month I came across a couple of “time-relevant” comments from my daily news feeds – one in Valerie Barrow’s channelling on 07 July, on the subject of past and future: “For neither of them are really separate. For everything is happening at once. It might be a little hard to accept this but it is a matter of focus. The time, distance, is only relevant for say mathematicians or astronomers.”

The other was from Michael Roads daily ‘365 Steps’ posting on 13 July: “The experience of timelessness does not just happen – and yet it does.  There are so many paradoxes involved here that I am wading through a minefield of them. As metaphysical Beings we live in a timeless reality, but our physical experience is of linear time.  It takes time and practice to let our senses move beyond the confines and restrictions of the physical, to embrace the greater, metaphysical, timeless reality.”

One of the central debates in the philosophy of time is formed between two camps called the A-theorists and the B-theorists. The A-theory of time is the standard one we all have in mind when we talk about time. According to the B-theory of time, on the other hand, the present is not metaphysically distinguished in any way from past and future times. Just as there is nothing metaphysically special about, say, London as opposed to Sydney, the B-theorist maintains that there is nothing special about the present moment as opposed to, say, the year 1847 or 2157. These two notions were put forward over a century ago by John McTaggart, a lecturer in philosophy at Cambridge, who argued that time is “unreal.”

This raises an issue fundamental to the question of travel and/or communication between time-points: how do we establish a universal reference for calculating time and date? Whether you aim to connect with another point in time either by mental projection or, perhaps more importantly, by physical jaunting, it would be absolutely critical to ascertain precise coordinates at both departure and arrival. In our world, there are various time-zones around the globe, plus different methods used to calculate the year and date. When you start considering other worlds, who makes the rules?

Here in this 3D world of ours we have UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) based on GMT.  A fictional – and arbitrary – system of time measurement developed for the television and film series Star Trek called a “stardate” is probably more indicative of what advanced technology would require. Physicists theorise that to move about in time, we might have to go via parallel universes – in other words, become “inter-dimensional.”

All the different methods for reckoning time across different cultures and historical eras have their basic units based on the relationship between the Earth and the Sun. We know that the Chinese had a calendar as far back as the one created by Emperor Huang Di in 2637 BC; the Mayan calendar started in 3114 BC; and the one used by the Hebrews must be even older because its current year is 5780… but no-one used the concept of BC and AD until the year 225 AD, and even then the year “Zero” is still open to debate. The concept of the “hour” was perceived as such firstly by Egyptians, and later borrowed by the Greeks, then the Romans with the arrival of the sundial in 146 BC.

So, programming any device with, for example, the year 500 BC would be fraught with problems. Back in those “BC” days, a common method of indicating the passage of years for the ancient Greeks was based on the Olympic Games, first held in 776 BC, while the ancient Romans adopted the epoch of Varro, dating from 753 BC. However, setting your coordinates by their calendars would be problematic: Julius Caesar stretched the year 46 B.C.—now known as the longest year in history—to 445 days long to remove previous discrepancies, then introduced the leap year, although initially he mistakenly had it pegged at once every three years.

Until we learn the system of coordinates used by time-travelling civilizations, we can still safely practice mental projection, or Remote Viewing, as used by the likes of the Pentagon, CIA, the Kremlin and China’s Somatic Sciences – who have all employed the services of professional Remote Viewers for some decades now. I believe that collectively, the human race has now reached a level of consciousness that is conducive to psychic experimentation.

It is often easier to target events or personalities rather than specific dates. Back when I wrote regularly for Insight Magazine (no longer in print), they ran one of my articles on this subject in the August 2004 issue. It focused on visiting special time-points in history and the editor gave it the title Your Mind: Your Passport to the Past. What follows is a brief description of the technique I used back then, with some tweaking based on the importance I now associate with the Sun and Spheres – and looking ahead to the future instead of the past.

Choose a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
If circumstances permit, try this outdoors in the Sun but – and I stress this – do not attempt to look at the Sun if you have not been trained in Solar techniques. Allowing the Sun’s light to fall on your closed eyelids will be beneficial.
If you are indoors, having a lighted candle to gaze at before starting will help.
Keep a pen and paper handy to record any impressions you receive afterwards.
Be seated on a comfortable chair or cushion.
Take several long, deep breaths through the nose. Relax and clear the mind of mundane clutter.
Attune with your higher self. I liken this to connecting with a telephone exchange or satellite before placing your call.
Anyone familiar with the disciplines of meditation and prayer will enter the ideal state with little difficulty.
With eyes closed, visualize a round sphere of light.
Concentrate on the time and place you want to visit (and, if applicable, a particular person).
If you don’t have an exact timepoint in mind, start with a general period at, say, one month, two years or a decade hence (just for example).
See yourself in the centre of a large circular courtyard or plaza, with the sphere of light above.
All around the perimeter are alleyways leading off it in every direction.
Above each one is an archway with a sign showing a particular century.
Cast your eyes around until you see the century you want (it may be the current one).
Enter your desired laneway and move along it, until you see a gateway bearing the year on it that you are looking for.
Once through the gate, you may be content to simply take in the scene that presents itself to you or, if you are seeking a month, a day and even a time, these will appear as doorways as you bring them to mind.
Think of yourself as actually being there.
Sometimes the first thing you see is just a mist of colour(s). Pause until things come into focus.
Visualize the conditions, the atmosphere, the weather, the people.
If you are successful you will receive impressions, thoughts and perhaps a message from a person in that time.
If you make contact with a person or being you did not already know, consider this as an introduction and, if the session is fruitful, you may be able to return here often to continue the dialogue.
Ask any questions you have, but keep them simple and to the point.
Stay still and quiet for a few minutes and just listen.
(The results may come to you immediately, or hours or days later in an intuitive flash, or in a lucid dream).
When you are ready to leave, depart by the gateway, move back down the laneway to the plaza.
After slowly opening your eyes, jot down notes to record what you have seen and heard.

I will leave you with a couple of quotes that I included in that old Insight article:

The yogi learns that the opposites of sacred time (eternity) and profane time (linear, passing time) come together in unity… A person who understands this stands outside local, passing profane time, which is the time of illness, suffering and death. Now he or she is in the graced state of non-local, extended time, the time of eternity, the Great Cosmic Time.”
– From the book Recovering the Soul by Larry Dossey MD

The Universal Mind has no time slit, no personal wall; its knowledge is not limited by quantum probabilities… the Universal Mind has no need for memory, since all things and processes – past, present and future – are open to its grasp.”
– From the book The Miracle of Existence by Prof. Henry Margenau

Image: A Roman-era sundial on display at a museum in Side, Turkey.

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Paul V Young is a freelance writer and published author. He is a certified practitioner of Reiki, NLP and LOA, and a certified TEFL English Teacher. After working and travelling in SE Asia for many years, he has now settled down at the Gold Coast, Australia.

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  1. Hi PaulI wish to purchase the actual Esoteric magazine from you.Please reply with details.ThankyouMadeline Bull 


  2. DEar Paul, Great way to help people to FOCUS for that is the secret. I would suggest people also (in the state of meditation you have described) that they roll their eyes up, under the closed eyelids and imagine they are looking out past the atmosphere of the earth (to the World of LIght) Their eyes usually move into “rapid eye movement’ (same as dreaming in a sleep state) and is actually moving in conscioustothat to that brain state to the gate entering their Soul Consciousness. (ask the person to not force looking up and back – so that it is comfortable not hurting – it is actually connecting to their arc of light with the Pineal gland to PItuarity gland same as shown in my last Andromeda Val july 7th )

    You will have noticed that good meditators eyes often start fluttering. Scientists know when observing deep sleep etcetera – that when the eyes begin to flutter while a person is a sleep – they knew they were dreaming…

    Hope this is helpful. Sendignlove and blessings Valerie.

    PS Great post by the way….

    Valerie Barrow Email: valeriebarrow33@gmail.com http://www.valeriebarrow.com http://www.cosmicsaibaba.com http://www.narayanaoracle.com (sister website) facebook: Valerie Barrow Twitter: #barrowvalerie Mobile: 0409 399 372



    1. Thanks Valerie! Yes I agree with your comments about the eyes. I have been following a program by Sue Morter with a process called Mula Bandha, which includes rolling the eyes upward – not until it hurts, but until you feel the point of slight stress behind the eyes. I believe we should always connect with Soul Consciousness when engaging in meditation or contemplation.


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