Clavis: An Interpretive Key to the Creation Story

The following article is taken from the introduction to the new Australian Esoteric Magazine (see the foot of the page for a link to it). The issue covers the theme of events that are anticipated by many to take place in December 2020. Underpinning the prophecy is the hypothesis that we humans are not merely the product of chance, but rather the result of intervention(s) by more advanced intelligent beings. Drawing on all the relevant sources, here is how I summarise the historical background to the condition of the modern human today.

Prior to 40,000 years ago there were Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons coexisting in Europe. Today, all humans are classified academically as being modern Homo Sapiens-Sapiens. We know a lot about human history going back 2,500 years because it has been documented. Then we have stories, artefacts and buildings going back to 5,500 years ago; beyond that is commonly called ‘prehistory’ and things get a little hazy.

It seems there was an intervention by non-human intelligences sometime prior to 5,000 years ago and there have likely been other (perhaps several) cycles of civilizations prior to this one. Aboriginal people are known to have been occupying Australia for the past 70,000 years and, even though they carry about 3-5 % of Denisovan DNA, remains of other kinds of Homo Erectus have never been found in Australia. Genomic sequencing has shown that certain Native Americans share DNA with indigenous populations living in Australia, New Guinea and the Andaman Islands, and that this ‘Australasian signal’ is more than 10,000 years old.  

We hit a brick wall, in terms of recorded civilization, at the point between 11 and 12 thousand years before present. That millennium saw the end of the last ice age, the occurrence of the Younger Dryas, and the commencement of the Neolithic era. According to present-day scholars, it was at this time that humans “learned” about the cultivation of crops and animal husbandry, leading to the rise of civilization around 5,500 years ago.

However, evidence from sites such as Gobekli Tepe and Çatalhöyük in southern Turkey, Baalbeck in Lebanon and Nabta Playa in the Egyptian Sahara, demonstrates the remains of an older, more technologically advanced civilization, which had already drawn to a close. According to Plato, Atlantis was destroyed between 11 and 12 thousand years ago.

Because most of what we know about prehistory is called mythology – thereby dismissing it as being largely fictitious – the question of how and why modern humans exist at all is considered unanswerable by the majority of people today. According to the latest stats on the internet, about 86% of the world’s 7.8 billion people follow some sort of religion, implying that they recognize the existence of a deity and a human soul. Of these, 4.3 billion – more than half – belong to one of the Abrahamic groups (which mainly comprises Jews, Christian and Muslims), meaning their beliefs draw heavily on the ancient texts of the Hebrews and the Sumerians; by extension, they accept that supernatural beings mingled with humans thousands of years ago.

Likewise, millions of indigenous peoples in Africa, Asia and the Americas have handed down accounts over the centuries of deities or supernatural beings who dwell on a plane above our own and, in fact, were the ones who genetically designed human beings, then later interbred with them. It seems unrealistic to think that, regardless of whether or not we are made “in their image,” such races of deities and demi-gods would be mammals like us who undertook interstellar travel in spacecraft made of metal and propelled by fossil fuel at subluminal speeds, taking centuries or millennia to reach Earth.

With the current speculation by physicists about inter-dimensional realities existing at different vibrational frequencies to ours, it is becoming more commonplace for us to talk about beings who have been given the tag ‘ultra-terrestrials.’ The ancient Egyptians defy our comprehension with their monumental constructions of stone (and the same with the Meso-Americans), while the ancient Greeks were undisputedly masters of philosophy, logic and inventiveness, so we should not summarily dismiss all their accounts of non-human or superhuman beings, such as Isis and Osiris or the Titans and Olympians.

Moreover, we know from records that have been preserved, including the Sumerian King List, the Pyramid Texts, and the Popol Vuh, that ancient rulers were able to demonstrate their lineage back to such other-worldly beings. The antics of the Greek demi-gods match those of the Hebrew sons of God in Genesis 6 and the Watchers in 2 Enoch 18, where hybrid offspring were often produced by the mating of flesh-and-blood humans with beings of another realm.

We have been taught that many of the prehistorical superhuman figures dating to more than five millennia ago were fictional and that tales of creation, or intervention stories, are merely fables. For those who are beginning to accept their existence, there is a tendency to consider them just an interesting part of ancient history and that they simply ‘went away.’ Today we are still in the same cycle that was underway five millennia ago. The chapter has not yet reached its conclusion, although indications are that a change is imminent. Those that set this cycle in motion are with us still, even if most of us are unable to observe and identify them.

It is possible that the condition we find ourselves in as modern homo sapiens-sapiens is unique in the Cosmos. We have not yet observed another planet out there that has an atmosphere like Earth with a ‘Garden of Eden’ on its exterior surface, endowed with natural kingdoms of mineral, vegetable and animal like ours. It might be that intelligent, consciously self-aware beings elsewhere in the Multiverse exist on a higher dimensional frequency, and that some of them deliberately established Earth’s fourth kingdom of nature – humans – by creating a hybrid of themselves with earthly hominids. The resulting human being is a duality that we know as body and soul – part angel, part beast. The early gnostics said that we were created not by their God, but by a Demiurge. Theologians recall this event as the Fall.

It is helpful to note the distinction between the terms, ‘God’ with a capital G, and gods with a small g. There need not be a conflict with a belief in the former when considering that the modern-day human – half mammal and half spirit – is the product of an intervention by the small-g demi-gods. Erich Von Daniken, whose first book caused a sensation fifty years ago, says he still believes deeply in God and prays every day. These are issues which can be viewed as being complementary rather than contradictory.

Australian Esoteric magazine is free online. Read Issue #27 Here.

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Paul V Young is a freelance writer and published author. He is a certified practitioner of Reiki, NLP and LOA, and a certified TEFL English Teacher. After working and travelling in SE Asia for many years, he has now settled down at the Gold Coast, Australia.

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