Kismet: Some Things are Meant to Be

– Does that make us passive participants?

It’s only natural that when we consider our providence, our karma, our rights and obligations, we think primarily of ourselves. Nevertheless, we are all part of a much greater collective destiny: that of our community or society, of our nation, our race, our planet. The New Humans have already started emerging in the world and many of us believe a raising of the planetary frequency is imminent. Whether or not a noticeable change occurs on 21 December this year, there are questions we need to ask ourselves.

The coming change in the human condition is something we ought to be approaching with a sense of purposeful participation, not as helpless subjects. If we expect that all that’s needed is to be present at a particular place and time to be a beneficiary of a higher incoming frequency of existence, we are likely to experience disappointment and rejection.

My questions to you are: do you agree the world is on the threshold of a grand re-set?
Have you become aware of the emergence of New Humans on planet Earth?
Do you feel you will be part of the ascension to a higher frequency – and, if so –
Do you believe you need to be pro-active, or do you see the change as just meant to be?

The concept of something being meant to be implies it is certain to happen, with or without our consent – usually because it has been ‘decided by God’ or other forces beyond our control; in other words: preordained, happening inevitably.

A gentleman who was among my best clients in business for many years and became a friend over that time, was an avowed atheist and pooh-poohed anything of a superstitious nature. There were times, however, when we would work jointly on some product or process or machine that did not yield results, and he would say to me, “Never mind, some things are just not meant to be.” That makes sense if you believe we live in an intelligent, conscious Universe; otherwise, the sentiment of being meant to be has no application.

The age-old dilemma for many has been whether we have free will, or are at the mercy of fate. Obviously, you may freely choose to re-locate to another city, for example, but if it was not meant to be in the greater scheme things, the move will not end well. Perhaps it could have been a good decision for you, but detrimental to a greater number of other people.

We see that we are in a new phase of human progress. Humanity is now awakening from a materialistic worldview and moving into an outlook that recognizes ‘spiritual design.’ This paradigm rewards an attitude of helping others and making the world a better place. Thus, we are learning to make our way in the world by finding a spiritual connection and allowing ourselves to be guided. In this way, we’re discovering a more detailed understanding of how Life genuinely works.

Like a lot of others, my spiritual journey was bolstered after reading James Redfield’s Celestine Prophecy in the early 1990s. While the big buzzword at the time was ‘Synchronicity,’ the concept of Destiny – both that of the individual as well as the whole world – was a key theme. The author impressed on his reader that the Universe is not a dead, uncaring place, but rather a dynamic, energetically connected environment that is spiritually constructed to bring humankind’s greatest dreams into fruition.

The last ‘Insight’ of that first book was that, as we embrace a continuous experience of Synchronicity, millions of individuals will be unleashed to follow their destinies – and we will all find a place in the working world, which is in need of freedom from corruption. The author thought that capitalism itself, and business at every level: food production, the problems of poverty, chemical pollution, and government regulations, would all become ‘enlightened.’

James Redfield envisioned that over time, a new awareness would transform us into a spiritual form and unite our current dimension with the After-life dimension, ending the cycle of birth and death. Humanity’s destiny would, he wrote, gradually bring the Intelligence that inspires the Heavenly realms into the Earthly domain.

Later, Redfield, together with co-authors Michael Murphy and Sylvia Timbers, in their book God and the Evolving Universe, suggested that such a state of existence is a ‘dimension in the chain of human evolution,’ stating: “In short, we propose that our emergent capacities, which alter our physical functioning to some degree whenever they make their appearance, can gradually give rise to a new and more luminous embodiment.”

James Redfield himself had already been developing this hypothesis in his earlier works, such as the Celestine Vision, where he wrote, “Our overriding purpose has been to raise our energy level to the point where we can walk into the Afterlife dimension, essentially merging the two dimensions into one.” His allegorical work The Secret of Shambhala has the lead character utter the words, “The Tibetans believe that there is another, more spiritual reality beyond the physical worlds we can see, and that Shambhala, while here on this Earth, lies in the spiritual realm.”

My personal vision is that those who are becoming known as the Neo-Humans will go on to incubate bodies of light, and dwell on a higher dimensional plane, reconnecting the Earthly realm with that of the Sun. Perhaps this corresponds with the prophesy of John in Revelations that there will be a “new Heaven and a new Earth.” (Revelation 21:1). For those who are not religiously inclined, the prospect of a highly advanced race of Neo-Humans here in our existing 3-D world might sound attractive on the physical level, especially if it promises immortality, however it cannot be a matter of sitting back passively, expecting a higher power to do the work for you.

Anybody who thinks that ascending to the status of a New Human (or, for that matter, reaching a state of ‘spiritual enlightenment’) is a matter of being intellectually clever, is likely to meet with disappointment. We often throw the word ‘Love’ into the mix when talking about the coming New Age and the Neo-Humans. But it’s going to have to be reality rather than a word from now on.

Every morning my email accounts are jammed with incoming newsfeeds, including invitations to try new ‘spiritual techniques.’ The only one among them that always places unconditional Love above clever techniques is the daily piece by Michael Roads. He continues to hammer home the message that Love is the answer. It will have to become more than mere semantics if we hope to collectively achieve Ascension.

The purpose of this blog is for us all to pause and think about the Destiny of humankind – and the role we each must play in it.

I cannot resist closing without quoting the line sung by Elvis Presley:
Like a river flows, Surely to the sea / Darling, so it goes, Some things are meant to be!

Published by australianesoteric

Paul V Young is a freelance writer and published author. He is a certified practitioner of Reiki, NLP and LOA, and a certified TEFL English Teacher. After working and travelling in SE Asia for many years, he has now settled down at the Gold Coast, Australia.

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