Time’s Toggle Switch Moves Back-and-Forth

By Paul V Young © 2020. Gold Coast, Australia.

As more evidence comes to light about the real potential of the future to affect the past (known as retro-causality), researchers in different fields are exploring the ways we can put this information to practical use. While simultaneously being informed that time-travel may be less of a fantasy than we have previously been taught, as well as the advances made by physicists in understanding that the ‘cause-precedes-effect’ rule does not apply in the subatomic world, we should also be mindful of the dynamics of Karma.

I have written before about the idea that the Future Already Exists and how we might gain Foresight into it, but recently I have been prompted to look deeper into ways that we might usefully employ the reconnection of future/past timepoints to our practical advantage – without violating the Law of Karma. Then, over the past week or so, I came across several relevant pieces of news in quick succession.

It started with a TV doco themed around retro-causality, in an episode of Through the Wormhole, hosted by Morgan Freeman. This episode examined the idea that, in spite of the way space-time seems to act on us humans, life isn’t quite so straightforward for a photon. In quantum physics, the distinction between cause and effect is not made at the most fundamental level, so time-symmetric systems can be viewed as both causal and ‘retrocausal.’

Then came an article published last week (23 Dec 2020) in the Waking Times by Dylan Charles, describing how a new breed of practitioners are following in the footsteps of ancient shamans in taking “Iboga journeys” – during which they cure present-day ills by visiting their past source.

Also last week (25 Dec 2020), an article in The Conversation by Peter Evans looked at the conundrums of quantum physics, including the notion of retro-causality when seen in the light of Einstein’s famous coupling of Time and Space.

To cap it off, Dr Michael Salla has just published the transcript of an interview he conducted with Corey Hart on his Exopolitics website, in which Corey – known as a ‘Secret Space Program Insider’ – claims that time-travelling beings have been interacting with world authorities at governmental level since at least the 1930s to 40s.

The basis for what I am now calling Retro-Karma is simply this: that the future can affect the past. By extension, the future may affect the present and the present is – or can be – having an affect on the past. We no longer restrict cause/effect to a one-way street; it may be seen as a two-way highway.

It is true that with linear time, cause comes first, effect comes later. But it was Einstein who convinced us that time and space are bound inextricably together and so, as an extension of what he called ‘spooky action at a distance,’ it is logical that two points distant in time can likewise be connected, and act upon each other. In both cases, I suggest that the ‘stuff’ of which such connections are comprised is Consciousness.

The reason for exploring Retro-Karma is that if a present-day problem can be traced to a specific cause, wouldn’t it be advantageous to be able to revisit the offending point in time and rectify it? This cause might be a trauma that was experienced, or a bad decision that was made. Following the same line of thought, can we project ourselves into a future outcome and allow it to improve the condition of the precipitating event that is taking place in the now?

Getting to the nub: if there is something you don’t like about your past, and it’s upsetting your present, what can you do about it in real, practical terms? The essential component in Dylan Charles’ article is the application of a natural supplement called Iboga, which practitioners use to travel consciously to a specific point in their past. He writes that the Iboga Journey is one where a process of self-revelation unfolds which unravels one’s past, offering life-changing insights and liberation from accumulated self-judgments and harmful thought patterns.

Generally speaking, I do not endorse the use of drugs, such Ayahuasca or others, to assist along the road in Life’s higher journey. However, I have looked at the website of the Iboga Wellness Center in Costa Rica (a leader in this field) and note they work with the root and bark of Iboga (Tabernanthe Iboga), an evergreen bush that is actually indigenous to West Africa. They work only with the Total Alkaloid (TA) extraction of the root bark rather than Ibogaine, which is known to be potentially toxic.

“The journey itself,” Charles asserts, “is an adventure through the timeless realms of consciousness and the cosmos, looking at the entire library of information about one’s life, and making corrections and connections to rewrite the present by re-integrating the past and understanding the future.”

In this process, or ‘journey,’ the shaman or healer guides the patient in connecting with their Overself to unify the conscious with the sub-conscious – which I likened in my last blog to soul and spirit. This allows a deep examination of the Self from an “objective, omniscient and timeless perspective.” A self-revelation unfolds which unravels one’s past, offering life-changing insights and the possibility to treat the past cause of today’s problems.

This involves the patient lying still for 12-24 hours, with blindfolded eyes, in a dream-like state where the brain behaves as if in REM sleep, but during which the conscious mind remains awake, lucid and able to interact with and direct the content of the mental journey. As the experience deepens, the barrier between the conscious and sub-conscious (soul/spirit) dissolves.

This journey is not one that I have undertaken myself, but I am encouraged by the very possibility of being able to go back to an earlier time and heal the wounds that are causing problems within us here and now. So I am further heartened to read that scientists, ufologists and mystics are all in agreement that connections and communications between past, present and future are real, not imagined, and moreover that the future can affect the past – it is not a one-way alley.

This use of Retro-Karma has the advantage of being able to verify the correctness of what has taken place in the past. Using it in the other direction – visiting future outcomes to improve present-day conditions, could prove more challenging in practical terms. There are two pathways I can see to achieve this. One is to project your mind into the future, using the kind of exercise I described in my earlier blog titled Foresight.

The other is by actual time travel. Most of us have considered – up until now at least – that a real time-travelling experience belongs firmly in the realm of science fiction. So here I will quote a brief excerpt from Dr Salla’s aforementioned interview with Corey Hart.

[Corey:] “Let’s say someone signed a deal in the 1940s. Like I’ve described before, these ETs have the ability to travel in time as easily as they travel in space.
So if they just happen to show up here in, let’s say, 1940, and it’s the first time they’ve been in our system, they could conceivably then travel all the way back in time and start tinkering with our timeline and genetics, and they could actually be our ancient aliens.
It’s a hard thing to wrap your mind around.
Time is something that they can jump around in and play with very easily.
So what’s happening is not only a galactic type of thing, it’s a temporal occurrence as well.”

There are two additional considerations that will probably have crossed your mind by now. The first is the old scientific conundrum referred to as the ‘grandfather paradox,’ which states that if we went back in time and killed our own grandfather, we would simply cease to exist. Don’t get too hung up on this one – when it comes to Cosmic Laws, if they were meant to be inviolable, we humans could not change that, no matter how hard we tried. So, if you find that you are able to manipulate events in other time zones then, very simply, it means that it was not such a rigid law in the first place – only a guideline.

The other is the moral question of letting Karma take its natural course. Over the years, my conversations with people from many backgrounds in different countries tell me that the word Karma is often equated with punishment or revenge. I do not believe it is so inflexible and, for more guidance on the matter, I reached for one of the many volumes on my bookshelf by respected teacher and author, Paul Brunton, titled What is Karma? In it, I am reminded that there is indeed some leeway afforded humanity in the cause/effect relationship. In a word, that is: Grace. Here are four short passages from that work:-

Just as this generation has lived to see the experience of gravity upset by the weightlessness experiences of spacemen, so in all the generations there have been those who have found the experience of Karma upset by Grace and its forgiveness.

The failure to appreciate the role of Grace because of faith in the law of Karma is as deplorable as the tendency to exaggerate it because of faith in a personal deity.

The Overself acts through inexorable law, yes, but Love is part of the law. Grace violates no principle, but rather fulfills the highest principle.

There is hope for all because there is Grace for all. No one is so sinful that he or she cannot find forgiveness, cleansing and renewal.

Along with those last three words, the key theme of the New Year, 2021, ought to be Healing. That is my reason for writing about Retro-Karma. Please do not think there is a rigidity to Cosmic Law that does not allow for Grace and Forgiveness. The whole point of Free Will is that it makes room for Grace, and Self-forgiveness is the best place to start the healing process.

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Paul V Young is a freelance writer and published author. He is a certified practitioner of Reiki, NLP and LOA, and a certified TEFL English Teacher. After working and travelling in SE Asia for many years, he has now settled down at the Gold Coast, Australia.

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