In Pursuit of Happiness

We are clearly living through a time of transition. Many are realizing their authentic selves and claiming their truth. Such quests should go hand-in-hand with the pursuit of happiness. In my last blog I quoted the first line of the Desiderata. The very last line is equally valid: Strive to be happy. Last week, the […]

Your ‘Inner Citadel’

The Importance of Instant Access to Your Sanctum Within One of the best resources you can have at your disposal to centre yourself in this brave new world is your own private, safe, inner space that you can access quickly, whenever and wherever you need to. Some disciplines teach this practice as a way to […]

Kismet: Some Things are Meant to Be

– Does that make us passive participants? It’s only natural that when we consider our providence, our karma, our rights and obligations, we think primarily of ourselves. Nevertheless, we are all part of a much greater collective destiny: that of our community or society, of our nation, our race, our planet. The New Humans have […]

Qui Regat – Who’s Minding the World?

Hands up if you’ve been encountering these terms a lot lately on social media: The Cabal, the Elite, the Secret Government, the Illuminati, New World Order? Even Donald Trump is using the expression “Deep State.” Quite often the word Elite appears alongside images posted of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and even Mark Zuckerberg. […]

Life on Venus: Not So Farfetched

In my last blog I mentioned the vagueness of human history further back than 10,000 years before present. Early this week I was inspired to write about Venus, after being reminded how the proponents of the Electric Universe theory refer to the “birth of Venus” 10,000 years ago. The news today that scientists now acknowledge […]

Clavis: An Interpretive Key to the Creation Story

The following article is taken from the introduction to the new Australian Esoteric Magazine (see the foot of the page for a link to it). The issue covers the theme of events that are anticipated by many to take place in December 2020. Underpinning the prophecy is the hypothesis that we humans are not merely […]

Prudence and Preparedness

What Will Happen in the Final Quarter of 2020? Everyone agrees that 2020 has been a year of momentous gravity, with the very real likelihood that ‘the system’ will never, ever go back to the way it used to be. What should we be expecting for the remainder of this annus horribilis – specifically: should […]

Faith & Hope in the Marian Valley

Speaking Words of Wisdom, Let It Be The Byzantine-style icon in the Black Madonna Chapel is a focal point at the Marian Valley near Tamborine Mountain, in the Gold Coast Hinterland’s ‘Scenic Rim’ of South-East Queensland. Marian Valley is recognized as a sacred place and the visitor gains an impression of it being what is […]

2020 Foresight

Prescience, Prophecy and Prediction The theme of my last blog about time, and the future, generated some positive feedback and questions. If we do not have a time machine at our disposal in which to physically “jaunt” from one time-point to another, the next best thing to prove the existence of the future is to […]