Moving in a Heartbeat – Mind the Gap

The Death of a Partner Can Make Your Heartbeat Irregular

It should not surprise us, living as we do in this world of duality, to learn that in between every thought in our mind there is a “gap” of non-thought, and it has been demonstrated that mental activity is also affected by the gap in between out heartbeats. Recently I have been writing about the connection of Human Consciousness (entangled with the brain during our incarnation) and the Heart (as the gateway of the Vital Life Force). The importance of knowing about these gaps is that we may find the ‘pulse’ of our corresponding energy centres within them, as they occur in the functioning of both head and heart.

The human body depends on electromagnetic radiation waves from the Sun for its very existence and wellbeing, and while I have been in the process of researching the various frequencies that we are attuned to, I have come to realize that it is also subject to pulsating rhythms of flow and ebb.

The whole human entity – the physical body and its fields – is a vibratory complex of matter and energy, receiving pulsing acoustical vibrations, or sound waves, as well as light and heat from the Sun and cosmic rays. Although the electrical patterns of our brains cover a broad range of frequencies, they all work together in expressing the various aspects of what we know as Human Consciousness. As for the Vital Life Force, it is channelled through the pulsing heart.

While our heartbeat escapes our notice most of the time, it turns out that it does affect our powers of attention. This is according to a new study by researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences (MPI CBS), who report that several heartbeat-related effects influence our conscious perception.

Last year, some of the members of this team explored how fluctuations in heart activity govern our ability to consciously perceive an external stimulus. In an experiment, thirty-seven volunteers received mild electrical stimuli, delivered via electrode devices worn on their fingers.

It was found that volunteers were less likely to detect subtle electrical pulses during one phase of the heartbeat cycle, called systole. During systole, the heart muscle contracts, pumping blood into arteries. After this happens, diastole occurs; the heart relaxes after contracting, and its chambers fills up with blood once more.

What this showed from a scientific point of view was that humans exhibit less somatosensory perception (the sensation of things throughout the body) during systole than during diastole. In other words, we perceive things less at the moment that the heart clenches and pumps blood through the body and then, during the interval when the heart relaxes before the next heartbeat, we register sensations more clearly. Let’s call that the gap.

While we are awake there are many small and unnoticeable discontinuities of our awareness during so-called visual saccades (quick movements of eyes between phases of fixation in the same direction) when our conscious responsiveness is turned off.

When examining the relationship between heart and head, my real aim is looking at the deeper connection between the cardiac energetic field and the higher mind. Scientists have not satisfactorily explained the phenomenon of the Vital Life Force, and Consciousness has been equally evasive, earning it the tag The Hard Problem.

In other studies carried out by researchers who’ve tried to establish a link between the physical brain and consciousness, they invariably find the stumbling block to be in identifying where the outer objective consciousness ends and the subconscious begins. When I first set about investigating what I refer to as ‘the division of Self,’ I had thought it would involve tearing down the barrier between those two levels, so that conscious mind and subconscious become one.

Many others on similar quests have considered that a state of enlightenment or ‘cosmic consciousness’ might be attained by transcending the boundary of those two altogether, but it seems that this necessitates the annihilation of the “I Am,” whose very autonomy depends on the initial division. Not to mention that most of us would find the contents of our subconscious to be darkly disturbing – it could drive us mad if we opened the floodgate suddenly.

So, instead of delving into our subconscious mind, the pursuit of cosmic consciousness might be better served by looking into the gaps between thoughts – and heartbeats.

The concept of the gap has long been observed by the Japanese who, when referring to traditional arts and culture, use the word Ma (間), which can be roughly translated as gap, space or interval. Ma has sometimes been described as “an emptiness full of possibilities” or “the silence between the notes which make the music.” I like the second description because it alludes to the alternating occurrence of events and intervals.

The late Sogyal Rinpoche (author of the highly acclaimed The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying), said, “When one past thought has ceased and a future thought has not yet risen, in that gap, in between, isn’t there a consciousness of the present moment; fresh, virgin, unaltered by even a hair’s breadth of a concept, a luminous, naked awareness? Well, that is what Enlightened Awareness is!”

Our heart normally cycles at around 60 beats per minute, although it can reach double that rate when we are excited (which is why disco music in the 1970s often hit 120 beats per minute). However, when you slow your heartbeat down by controlled breathing, or when you are listening to a certain kind of music, or are praying, the cycles of your body and of your fields change accordingly. And what you discern physically can be altered by changing the oscillation or vibratory rate of the energy fields of the body or brain.

How might we become more aware during the continuity gaps in our thoughts and heartbeats and take some advantages from them? Following is just one suggestion.

Meditation on the Gaps in Our Mind and Heart

Find a comfortable position where you can sit undisturbed for around twenty minutes. A nice comfortable chair or cushions will work, or you can lean against the wall, or sit cross-legged on the floor.

Feel a line of energy that lifts you up as if you’re being raised by the crown of the head.
Feel your whole spine lengthen, and feel the alertness that comes with it.

Poised and alert, you are wide awake for this meditation, as you release the concerns of the day so that you can be completely present, here and now.

Inhale and exhale through the nose, making the breath deeper and fuller until you begin to feel its stillness fill you up. Concentrate your awareness in the very centre of your head.

Now, begin to notice your breath and its connection to your personal self.
Refining your awareness, follow the breath like a wise guide to that infinite place in the gap.
After inhalation, pause, and you may feel the space.
Let that gap between the breaths be a quiet point where you let go of thought.
It’s as if time stops at those places in between.
This is where your Human Earth-Spirit dwells in the gap of Consciousness.

Continue this for a few minutes, breathing in and out according to your natural timing.
Now, keeping the same rhythm, bring your awareness down to your heart.
After each inhalation, hold the breath for at least six pulses of the heart.
During the long gap between breaths, experience the shorter gaps between each heartbeat.
In the utter stillness of the gap you may hear a symphony of silence in the heart and mind.

After a few breaths, feel a point of light right in the centre of your heart.
This point of light expands to fill the heart, like a little sun, a tiny star point within you.
Pausing again after another inhalation, open to that light, bring your Human Consciousness into it, become the same as it, recognizing that it is your true Self.
You are this light. This light is you. You and the light are the same.

Feel that light expand within you now, as your heart opens, like the first light of dawn.
Light is shining in every direction now, from within and without.
Lines of energy are radiating in all directions from you.
You are a star yourself. This is your Soul-Star, your very Life Force.

You feel you could sit in those points in the gaps between – infinitely, if you wanted.
The reality of your Self is in the gaps. All outside is illusion.

As you slowly transition now out of this meditation, become aware of your body and your breath again. Opening your eyes slowly, feel yourself present.
Know that you can return to this space at any time with conscious breath.

[End of meditation]

If we continue to regularly refocus our attention like this, a new pattern will be established. And as we continue our practice, we’re bound to notice the gap. It’s unavoidable. It’s a natural progression on our path to reconnect the Life and Light of our true Self.

The frequency and duration of those spaces determine your ability to enjoy life, to feel an inner connectedness with other human beings as well as nature. It also determines the degree to which you are free of the brain-ego of the lower self.

Eckhart Tolle wrote, in his book A New Earth, “When you become conscious of these brief spaces as they happen naturally, they will lengthen, and as they do, you will experience with increasing frequency the joy of perceiving with little or no interference of thinking. The world around you then feels fresh, new, and alive. The more you perceive life through a mental screen of abstraction and conceptualization, the more lifeless and flat the world around you becomes.”

Proof That the Human Body is a Holographic Projection of ...

WHAM: Whole Heart And Mind


During this time of lockdown due to Covid-19, many have paused to reflect on what is really important and meaningful in their life, and what they might do differently when it’s all over.

How well do you – the ‘ego personality’ – know your true Self? The answer to this question can only come from your heart. This does not require a separation of the head and heart, but rather a connection.

We often wonder whether we should follow our head or our heart. Rather than see this as an either/or choice, we should draw on both sources to serve us simultaneously and in harmony. The connection of head and heart is part of the Self-realization process: make the two into one. This ends the internal division we humans experience and makes us whole again.

The intuitive person will immediately think of the head/heart duality in metaphysical terms, yet it is equally true from the physical perspective. According to the HeartMath Institute, “We have learned, however, that communication between the heart and brain actually is a dynamic, ongoing, two-way dialogue, with each organ continuously influencing the other’s function.”

In 2003 the Canadian pioneer researcher, Dr. J. Andrew Amour, revealed to us in his book about Neurocardiology that the heart is a sensory organ containing about 40,000 neurons – called sensory neurites – with an extensive intrinsic nervous system that is sufficiently sophisticated to qualify it as being a “heart brain.” Which means it can think.

According to HeartMath, the heart communicates with the brain in four ways:
– Neurologically (nervous system)
– Biochemically (hormones)
– Biophysically (pulse waves)
– Energetically (electromagnetic fields, or EMF)

The last of these – communication through EMF – is significant because a number of sources drawn on for this article portray the heart as having a torus shaped EM field emanating from it, much like the EM field of planet Earth. A number of scientific experiments have been carried out that demonstrate how human intention can affect electromagnetic fields.

That does not surprise me, as I’ve always thought of the human brain as being a transceiver. What it tells us in practical terms is that we can employ functions of the physical brain and heart, in addition to using meditation and visualization on the metaphysical level, to reconnect mind with spirit (or Yang with Yin, if you like). This process may be encapsulated in the statement: Light and Life are conjoined by Love.

My own interest, of course, has long been in the influence of the Sun on our energy centres – commonly called chakras – particularly the fields around both the higher mind and the cardiac energy centre. Light emanates from the Sun and enters the head firstly through the receptors in our eyes and is then circulated within our being by the pineal gland (also called the third eye). Life (the Vital Life Force) enters via the force centre around the heart. Christian religious icons have depicted Jesus and his mother Mary as having not only haloes around their heads, but also radiantly luminous “sacred hearts.”

The 17th century Hermetic philosopher Robert Fludd taught that the heart’s energetic force centre was in fact a ‘little sun’ within the human being, connected to, and animated by, the great Sun we see in the sky. In doing so, he was following Kabbalistic philosophy, and other forms of traditional cosmology, where the heart, as the seat of life and centre of the soul, is regarded as the microcosmic reflection of the life-giving Sun.

The widely respected author Dr Paul Brunton coined the term ‘Overself-atom,’ referring to a minuscule particle he said existed in the chest cavity. In his book ‘The Quest of the Overself.’ he quoted from the ancient treatise, ‘Chandogya Upanishad’: “This is my soul in the inmost heart, smaller than a grain of rice, or of barley, or of mustard-seed, or of a grain of millet’s kernel; this is my soul in the inmost heart, greater than the earth, greater than the atmosphere, greater than the heaven, greater than these worlds.”  So, we see that while mystics describe the physical particle as minuscule, they envisage its psychic counterpart as being like the Sun, with some referring to it as the Solar Heart

Mystical traditions have for millennia offered practices to open and activate this Solar Heart, using the tools of meditation, visualization, intonation and breathing techniques.  For aspirants wishing to learn such a meditation method without joining an organization, the book/CD set Living in the Heart (also published in 2003) by Drunvalo Melchizedek may be a helpful starting point.  For those who practice chakra visualization, the strategy is to connect the third eye to the force centre of the heart.  The ego personality perceives that consciousness arises from the brain, but that is a relative truth.  The brain as the seat of reflected consciousness can be compared to the moon, getting its true conscious light from the Solar Heart.

You may be used to the popular concept of the seven-chakra model, whereas the System of Cosolargy which I practice holds that the oldest and more exact traditions teach there are eight chakras reaching from the top of the head to the base of the spine. The heart or Anahata chakra is generally believed to be in the centre of the torso and controlled by the colour green. However, the ancient Indians taught that the Anahata actually comprises two chakras, a lower heart (green) and a higher heart (blue). The lower is the Splenic energy centre near the sternum, while the true higher heart is in the upper chest area and is the Cardiac centre. For the purposes of the methods described below, the energy  centre of the higher heart is represented by the torus shaped field around the organ.

The head and the heart are meant to work together in resonance. For those who desire to draw back the curtain that separates them and reclaim their wholeness, there are two avenues of reconnection: the physical method, using focused intention to manipulate the electromagnetic field; or psychically, by way of meditation and visualization. It is reasonable to assume that a two-pronged approach using both would enhance success.

Using Intention to Connect the Brain and the Heart

We have several mental tools at our disposal with which to manipulate EM fields: belief, intention, willpower and focused thought. Anyone who has studied, and put into practice, The Secret and/or the Law of Attraction will know that our ability to manifest and materialize our intentions is very real. It begins by directing your attention.

The problem that occurs for many who have tried and failed with it, is that they base their intention on a thought that has just popped into their brain. We need to have the head in sync with our heart before we know what we really want, so the number one intention on our list should be to mend the fractured Self and reunite the two. Intentions are most successfully manifested when they are written down, so keeping a note book or diary is helpful. You will probably want to have that notebook and pen beside you during this exercise.

Many people find the Emotional Freedom Technique (EMT) of tapping works for them. The following method is loosely based on tapping and is a very simple and effective way creating a link between head with heart through the EM field.

Seated comfortably, take several deep belly breaths, placing both hands on your lower abdomen. Allow your inhalation to extend your belly out as far as possible and, on the exhalation, allowing your belly to sink into your body. Make this breathing your only focus.

Next, place your right hand on your heart and your left hand on the top of your head. Focus your attention first on your left hand on your head, and then slowly move your attention to your right hand on your heart. Feel the fingers in your right hand and touch the skin of your chest (or collar of your shirt). Slowly begin to lightly tap over both the head and heart — fingers of the right hand tapping over heart, left hand over the top of the head. After about 60 seconds, move your left hand from the top of your head to cup it over your right hand, which continues to tap above your heart. You are using your intention to synchronize the EM field of your brain with that of your cardiac centre, and bring your conscious awareness from the head to heart.

Gradually slow down the tapping over a minute or so, then finish by resting both hands over your heart centre. Breathe deeply for at least four breaths.
Let your mind go blank and just see what comes to you.

After remaining receptive for several minutes, jot down your impressions on paper. What did you feel in your chest? What does your heart tell your mind? Does the message support or weaken what has been important to you in life up until now? What emotions are you feeling? Look for the reasons behind these feelings.

Using Meditation to Connect the Higher Mind with the Energetic Heart

The best way to start this exercise is by deep-breathing to centre yourself. Sitting comfortably on a chair or cushions with spine straight is the ideal posture. Breathe in through the nose. I like to breathe out through the nose as well, but if you’re accustomed to exhaling through the mouth, that’s fine too. It is a good idea with the first few deep breaths to make sure you empty your lungs completely. Repeat until you feel focused. Closing your eyes is preferable when doing visualizations.

To begin with, your awareness will be in your head.
Bring it right to the centre of the head, to the pineal gland.
See yourself as a small sphere of light, which you know to be the endpoint of a lightbeam.
Imagine yourself descending slowly to the throat, extending the beam behind you as you go.
As you descend you are aware that your head is receding above you.
Your inner vision now looks outward from your throat as you feel its soft tissue around you.

The purpose is to bring your awareness to your throat, so your sense of ‘I am’ is here.
(If it takes a while to get used to moving your awareness to your throat, just go this far the first time you do it, and come back tomorrow to try the next step).

When it feels right, continue moving your awareness down toward your heart.
You are moving toward the centre of your chest with the ray of light streaming behind you.
As you look down you see a translucent torus in motion around the heart.
(The torus is shaped like a donut, and you see the energy rising upwards on the outermost side of the ring, then flowing back down into the hole in the middle).

As you approach the heart from above you see that the hole in the centre of the toroidal energy field is a vortex, swirling in a counter-clockwise direction.
Allow yourself to fall through it and for a moment you will feel very still, like being in the eye of a storm.
Then you realize you have entered the sacred space within your heart.
You are still a tiny sphere at the head of a lightbeam that connects right back to the pineal gland in the centre of your head. This is where Light meets Life.
Your conscious human nature is now in communion with your soul.
The beam of light keeps the faculties of heart and head connected; you have just shifted your consciousness, so your sense of ‘I am’ operates from the heart, for a change.

Spend some time here – perhaps 10 minutes the first time you try it.
You might feel like you’ve been here before, or maybe like you are ‘meeting yourself’ for the very first time.
If your life purpose was not clear to you before, it may now be revealed.

Final Note

Self-Realization rarely comes in a blinding flash (although it can if the practitioner is ready). When the head and heart are synchronized, we find ourselves in a state of conscious co-creation, from where we can manifest our true innermost desires into the outer world.
Our Self is then no longer divided. It is in a sacred space of peace, harmony and healing. The higher worlds can be debated fruitlessly by the intellect, but true wisdom, knowledge and understanding reach our consciousness from the heart.

SOURCES:;;; Books: The Quest of the Overself, by Dr. Paul Brunton; Living in the Heart, by Drunvalo Melchizedek; Jesus Christ Sun of God, by David Fideler


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The first two audio files introduce a central theme in Cosolargy: Light carries information, which we call Information Factors (IF). These Information Factors are a source of energy, knowledge, and act as nutrients to enhance our physical, psychic, and spiritual natures.

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Correct Directional Alignment

New evidence for a human magnetic sense that lets your brain ...

While doing some research about vibrational frequencies this week (a lot of people are saying we are now ascending to a higher frequency), I kept coming across references to the alignment of our bodies to certain directions of the compass. As it unfolded, the process revealed one of those spooky instances of synchronicity.

During this time of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of us are looking for practical ways to improve our wellbeing energetically. Some of us are also looking for something to do. So, I decided to “kill these two birds with one stone” and rearrange my bedroom, with particular attention to changing the direction of my bed from head pointing east, to head pointing north. Let me explain why.

First of all, over the weekend I viewed the latest video from the Thunderbolts Project, titled The Electricity of Life, which points out that not only does planet Earth share a special relationship with the Sun, but so does all terrestrial life. This is due not only to the electrical nature of the Sun (and of our bodies, in a flow-on effect known as Heliobiology), but also the phenomenon of Magneto-Reception (MR). Studies have shown that domestic cattle, as well as deer, when resting or grazing, align their bodies in a roughly north-south direction.

While it was already known that some birds, fish, sea-mammals and amphibians possessed this MR faculty, a study by Caltech in 2019 proved that the human brain demonstrated certain responses only when the head is aligned to the north. The field of Heliobiology studies the connection of the Sun’s electromagnetic (EM) connection to Earth (at the north and south poles) and the impact of solar activity on the human mind and behaviour. [You can find that 9-minute Thunderbolts video on You Tube HERE].

Much of the study concerning the relationship between ‘ambient electromagnetic fields’ and human moods/behaviour was carried out at universities here in Australia. As you might expect, the human body does not react to just the Earth or the Sun independently, but to both of them at the same time, in balance and harmony. The human body itself has an EM field, and so does each of our cells.

And it was in the second piece of my synchronicity puzzle that I read the following in my inbox on Monday, originating from a site called Greenmedinfo: “What if the body could tap the relatively limitless resources of the Sun directly? Even more astounding, what if the body could tap the infinite energy density of the quantum vacuum and even turn that energy into matter, as well as transform elements into one another? Welcome to the electrifying implications of the New Biophysics.” (The article promotes a book called Regenerate by Sayer Ji).

Then, more information came through in the form of two postings on my Facebook page, from two separate and unrelated people, on the subject of the human EM field. The first was a re-posted newsletter under the banner of EMF Blues, which explores how man-made frequencies being generated around the globe right now – including the new 5G network – may be interfering with our natural EM functions.

It says, in part, “Arthur Firstenburg was the first to put forth the theory that the advent of widespread wireless radiation has the ability to change the earth’s natural electromagnetic field. (He) authored the 2017 book “An Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life”. In his book, Firstenburg explores the theory in detail of how artificial, man-made electromagnetic fields have the ability to alter the earth’s own electrical field.”

The next synchronous posting I received was from the Hermetic Kabbalist, Paul Tisdell, whose work I have followed for some years. To quote an extract from his FB post: “Every cell in your body has an electromagnetic frequency, your mind and emotions emanate an electromagnetic frequency. This even science has learnt. If you go into a room where people have been arguing you will feel the tension, if you don’t, then you have work to do, you have no awareness…

“Harmonic frequencies are connected with the 4 directions of earth. Magnetic N, S and electric E, W. This was once so significant that the initiates of ancient Egypt build the pyramid and Sphinx to harmonize with it. The pyramid produces an energy/frequency, life force. This is created by its alignment and its geometry – this geometry is expressed in the Fibonacci sequence seen in a spiralled shell. This relationship is throughout your body, every joint in your hand is it – you are created within this harmonic.”

About thirty years ago I began the practice of aligning my bed so that my head always pointed north. I can’t remember what initially prompted me to do so, but I do recall that I first became aware of the body’s electrical nature after purchasing a set of VHS video tapes (remember them?) on the subject of treating the ‘Electric Body,’ which, if I am not mistaken, was based on the work of the authors of the book, The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life.

However, when I moved into my current address here on the Gold Coast more than three years ago, I went along with the way the units are designed. I am situated in a wing of the building where the apartment layouts are pretty much identical, except that every second one is a mirror image. My neighbours in this wing all have their beds aligned to an east-west axis, to fit in with the architects’ obvious intention. To begin with, I thought this might suit me apropos my connection to the Sun, considering it rises in the east. But it has never felt quite right.

Thus, with all the synchronous messages coming my way over the past week about maintaining the human EM field as it is supposed to be, and being reminded of our natural alignment to the north-south axis, I decided yesterday to rearrange my bedroom. If nothing else, it seemed to fit in with the general spirit of things in this Covid-19 environment, with people everywhere looking for new activities. “A change is as good as a holiday!”

Having also dabbled a little in the art of Feng Shui, I was aware of a couple of no-nos in my plan, namely: it necessitated the head of my bed being situated under window – a position described as “lacking support.” I have countered this, I hope, by the fact that my bed has a headboard, and the curtains are drawn at night. These positive actions are said to cancel out the negative possibilities.

The second taboo could have arisen in having the foot of the bed point towards the door – designated as the “death position” in China. I think I have side-stepped this by shuffling the bed a few feet sideways, so that my feet, while pointing in that general direction, are now aimed squarely at the wall.

So, after ‘night one’ of the new arrangement, I am happy to report that not only did I enjoy peaceful repose, but also that for the first time in a long while I experienced a meaningful lucid dream, meeting with my Spirit Twin. When I opened my eyes at first light this morning, I realized my environment was exactly as it should be.

There is no guarantee that all who point heir head towards magnetic north will reap noticeable rewards but, as far as I am aware, it is not likely to result in a detrimental outcome. At this time when so many aspire to raise their energetic frequency, you are welcome to send a brief message about your own experience with directional alignment:

Human magnetoreception - Ocean Navigator - November/December 2017

Take in the Sun While You Can

The Coronavirus pandemic is assaulting our health, disturbing our peace of mind and forcing us to question values and priorities. For some it will challenge their core beliefs.

Among the many news items that hit my inbox today was an article urging everyone to get out in the sunshine to absorb some vitamin D and brighten our mood, in anticipation of a possible lockdown, confining us all indoors for a while. In fact I shared a story on social media last week titled “Coronavirus and the Sun: a Lesson from the 1918 Influenza Pandemic” (read the article HERE) which included the line, “sunlight is germicidal and there is now evidence it can kill the flu virus.”

The Coronavirus has also given many of us pause to take stock of our life values. When faced with our mortality, we tend to reflect on our spiritual beliefs and re-examine those non-material goals that we may have said we’ve been too busy to follow through on, up until now.

I see on social media today that a number of New Age teachers are proclaiming this virus as the advent of a new awareness, while others fear it heralds an apocalypse. The pandemic affects both rich and poor alike – though there are concerns the gap of inequity could actually widen in its aftermath.

We each ask our own existential questions: Why has the virus come at this time (particularly for those of us in Australia who have just been through bushfires, droughts and then, for some, floods). Or, how can this be happening to me? Who or what is responsible for creating the problem, and why?

Then comes the uncomfortable inquiry into our authentic selves. Were we truly fulfilled and inspired by what we hitherto considered to be ‘normal’ life? How much time have we been spending doing what we love? Have we repressed our inner passion, getting caught up in the hectic and often meaningless pursuits of modern life? Have we given away too much power to negative forces?

At a time when many are doing physical exercises to stay fit while cooped up indoors, and others find activities to relieve the mental tedium and depressing circumstances of isolation, some of us turn to ‘spiritual exercises.’ The main point I would like to make in this blog is that it is never too late to pursue the path of self-realization.

Sure, if you’re getting on in years, the chance to become a lifetime devotee of a particular mystical or spiritual discipline may have passed you by; but recently it has become increasingly evident to me that the average person instinctively understands they have an inner self or, if you prefer, a higher part of the self. I say this because we all talk about following our heart; our heart of hearts; the bottom of our heart; heartfelt intentions. Most of us, when we refer to ourselves in conversation, automatically point to our heart. (As a side note, I have always been intrigued that Thai people use the term kow jai to indicate understanding – it literally means to enter the heart.)

People have, for a long time, spoken about the separation of head and heart. But lately, everywhere I look I see new age articles about how to reconnect with your heart, and the consciousness of the heart. Ever since reading a book called The Division of Consciousness in the nineties, I have been exploring how our innermost, intangible beings have become divided, causing us to feel a constant tug of war going on inside between the “angel and the beast” within us.

Then a few months ago I was blessed with the opportunity to read the book, The Secret of the Golden Flower, translated by Richard Wilhelm with commentary by Carl Jung, which incorporates ancient Chinese wisdom. With the primary intention of getting the concepts of it straight in my mind, I wrote down my own interpretation of it in a brief article on one of my websites. Following are two excerpts from that piece.

First extract:
The Hebrew tradition, not to mention other apparently unrelated cultures around the world, has left us with legends of Fallen Angels, the Fall of Mankind and a Great Flood. On the subject of the Fall of Mankind, I became intrigued many years ago by the premise of a book titled The Division of Consciousness by Peter Novak. Could the Fall refer to our descent to the Earthly plane from a higher realm, resulting in a division of ‘Self’? When you stop to think about it, many (if not all) of humankind’s woes are caused by separation and division among people, and by competition – which is drilled into us from a young age and presented as being good for us.

Following the same line of thinking, it can be said that each person is divided within themselves. Which may be why the words inscribed at the Temple of Delphi exhorted us to ‘know ourselves.’ And why Jesus stated in the evangelical gospels that we need to be ‘born again,’ and in the Gospel of Thomas that we need to make the ‘two into one.’ And why mystical orders teach us of the need for an ‘alchemical marriage.’

Six months ago I published a blog called Mending the Divided Self in which I wrote about how we search for the part of our self that is ‘separated.’ The first thing many will think of in this regard is a split between body and soul, or even between the left and right brain. I have been studying various religious teachings, mystical orders and esoteric techniques for most of my life, and particularly in earnest over the past 25 years, so I have formed, under guidance, my own approach and practices. Since joining Cosolargy 5 years ago, I have come to realize that the Sun and its Light play a much greater role in our lives, both physically and spiritually, than I had hitherto appreciated.

Second extract:
The Secret of the Golden Flower identifies our two divided parts like this:

The first is called Human Nature but also referred to as Consciousness. Jung called it the personal Logos and, if you like to think in terms of the divided Yin & Yang symbol, this is the Yang. It is connected with what the Chinese called the Heavenly Heart, said to reside in the ‘one square inch’ between the eyes. It may also be identified as Spirit.

The second component is known as Life – the Vital Breath (and many will be familiar with the Oriental terms Chi, Qi and Ki – the Vital Life Force). Jung called it the personal Eros. It is Yin and equates to Soul.
[End extract. For the entire article click HERE]

The whole point of the Golden Flower technique is to circulate the Light within your Self and reconnect the two inner components that have become separated. As my readers would expect, the Sun plays an integral part in doing this and generating your Light Body.

For readers who are feeling the impact of home isolation and perhaps suffering from an unfamiliar sense of loneliness, an important part of the Golden Flower work is that the elusive ‘ideal partner’ you may have been searching for over the years probably represents that inner part of yourself. You might be looking outwardly for the qualities you already posses within, and your inner heart may well be the perfect complement to your outer consciousness.


There is abundant evidence that the world is changing forever, right here, right now. ‘Preppers,’ who exist in greater number in the U.S., are claiming vindication for their way of life, while a number of respected financial commentators are predicting the economies of some countries will collapse completely. The main concern then would be maintaining law and order. That in turn would be a test of whether humankind chooses to follow the Light, or the Darkness.

It is not my intention here to make predictions. When I started publishing my online magazine Australian Esoteric three years ago, it was in the belief that the time would soon arrive when the world would undergo drastic changes, and I felt that some of us ought to light beacons now that might guide seekers through a period of darkness, and ensure that certain truths survive once the storm has passed.

We are living in an uncertain age. Our spiritual practices can help us evaluate and prepare for the impermanence, decay and inevitable death of our earthly existence. To quote the Desiderata, “No doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should.” The Sun is central not only to our solar system but also to human life itself.
I will write more in my next blog about practical ways to attune with its frequency.

The Inner Voice & the Y-Principle

Image result for gut feeling

Looking back over a rather eventful life, I can identify many turning points such as career changes, relocating home, travelling abroad, starting & ending relationships, buying & selling things, and undertaking challenging experiences. Invariably, decisions were based on what seemed right at the time, yet in retrospect, some choices proved fruitful while others appear less judicious.

I’ve always been one to follow the Inner Voice, in preference to agonizing intellectually for a long time over the pros and cons. The problem with that, I have come to realize, is that the Inner Voice can come either from a place of light where the higher Self dwells, or it can arise from a lower, dark place. Since Inner Voices seem to emanate from somewhere within the “Self,” the trick is to discern which is which. I have learned to apply what I call the Y-Principle.

In ancient times, Pythagoras adhered to the Y-Principle, a concept he brought back from his travels to Egypt. The Y signified the power of choice and represented the Forking of the Ways. It is a symbol of a central stem branching to the right, which was called Divine Wisdom, and to the left, which was referred to as Earthly Wisdom. At the point where the path divides, one can take the left-hand direction, following the dictates of the lower nature, or the right-hand road which leads to union with the higher spheres. The latter involved the use of intuition to recognize the invisible spirit of things, rather than their outwardly manifested forms.

During the five years I lived and worked in Taipei (1990-1995), I recall the media publicized the story of an old professor who persuaded the government to re-introduce a time-honoured concept into schools that he thought was in danger of being lost to the new generation: that of listening to “guidance” called the Inner Voice. Actually, in Taiwan it was called Liang-zhi. ‘Liang’ was translated into English as ‘intuitive,’ although it is also commonly understood to mean ‘good.’ Adding –zhi denoted a quality or sense. Together the words were interpreted by English speakers to be the Inner Voice.

When the Inner Voice speaks, how do we know whether it is what Pythagoras called our Divine Wisdom, which will lead to a happy outcome, or if it’s the Earthly Wisdom that is taking us down a path we may later regret? How do we apply this Y-Principle?

To begin with, we need to be able to identify the source of the message. Is it really coming from within us, or are we picking up on an external impulse? One thing I have learned during my time as a member of the Cosolargy system is that, just as there are light energies, there are also dark forces. I like to envisage all beings as being surrounded by a sphere, which is the ubiquitous universal form. At the centre of every sphere is a source of light; consider the Sun at the centre of the solar system (we also have a central galactic Sun); think of the nucleus at the centre of the atom; the earth has a super-hot core. If you picture the human torso and head (not including arms and legs) the heart is at the centre, and likewise the corresponding cardiac energy centre is near it, right at the centre of our spiritual sphere. Like a miniature Sun, it is what could be called our ‘solar heart.’ Once we know we are receiving a message from within our true Self, rather than from an outside energy, we may trust it.

How do we achieve that? When the Inner Voice speaks – challenge it, just as a sentry would ask, “Friend or Foe?” One of the hallmarks of intuition is that it comes with a sense of ‘knowing.’ You know what is ‘your own’ as opposed to what doesn’t belong to you. If the message is coming from an outside, darker force, chances are it is expressing itself through negative emotions such as anger, hurt, guilt, frustration or a sense of revenge. If, on the other hand, it originates from your authentic inner centre, it will feel good, it will feel right. It ‘rings true.’ If you are under the influence of emotions, you need to concentrate on becoming calm, freeing yourself from the negative power of dark thoughts and feelings. You must connect to the place within you where your destiny is being created, moment to moment. Then envision the outcome that would emerge as result of heeding the guidance. This picture should be bright and light, leading you to feel safe, secure and confident in the outcome.

In this process you learn to differentiate between messages from the heart, and the gut animal instinct. Instinct is an innate, hardwired tendency. We are all aware of involuntary processes such as the flight-or-fight syndrome. ‘Gut feeling’ is actually aptly named, since within the intestinal lining is the enteric nervous system. This is where millions of neurons are hiding, and they talk to your brain via the Vagus nerve.

Dark thoughts relate to the past and future, and carry a sense of dread and nervousness. The Inner Voice, however, focuses on the present, and its messages tend to feel neutral or calm. The mind suddenly discovers and knows that certain things are true without further investigation or inquiry, and proceeds to govern action upon the assumption of their truth.

Inner Voice communications are directive – they’re usually telling you what to do or what not to do, so they come across as a direction – or even an order. Often, intuitive messages begin with a verb, so you’ll feel or hear a ‘call to action.’

Your Earthly Wisdom, which operates differently, tends to wonder about things, asking “what if?” and “why?” rather than direct you towards taking action. So, the way the message comes through can help you know which branch of the Y principle is calling out to you.

There are two prongs to the Y-Principle to keep in mind:

Learn to recognize the messages of the Inner Voice, know when they are authentic, when they resonate with you, and when it is appropriate to follow them.

Learn to reject the dark messages of the left-hand path, whether from your own lower self or from outside sources.

My policy (or slogan, if you like) when it comes to the Inner Voice is:
Light is Right!

The Sun and the World Energy Supply

World's largest telescope takes most detailed image of Sun
Image credit: NSO/NSF/AURA

“Every two minutes, the energy reaching the Earth from the Sun is equivalent to the whole annual energy use of humanity. All the energy – the cars, lighting, and air conditioning of the world – in one year is equivalent to two minutes of the Sun.[1]
Sadly, we lack the technology to capture, store and distribute this amount of solar energy.

What if we really understood how the Sun worked? Could we then replicate its functions in a man-made device and supply the world’s needs in natural, safe, non-polluting way? Surprisingly, despite all the technological advances made over the past few centuries, the Sun has hitherto kept its inner workings secret from us.

You may have seen the picture at the top of this page as it was featured in the media over the past week, hailed as a great achievement for the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST) – the world’s largest solar telescope built on Haleakala, Hawaii. The image is a close-up view of the Sun’s surface, and the project aims to map & measure the magnetic fields within the Sun’s corona.

An article from The Watchers News website titled World’s largest telescope takes most detailed image of Sun (30 January 2020), points to what little we really know about the great solar Orb, which keeps us all alive. It includes this quote from Matt Mountain, president of the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (which manages the DKIST): “Our predictions lag behind terrestrial weather by 50 years, if not more. What we need is to grasp the underlying physics behind space weather, and this starts at the Sun…” Over four hundred years since Galileo first aimed a telescope at the Sun in 1612, mainstream scientists are still struggling to understand how stars and their planets are magnetically connected, and hope that by peering into those “structures” in the photograph, they might unravel “the Sun’s biggest mysteries.”

Dr Jamal Shrair posted the following comment online, right below the article:
The recent images from Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST) have further confirmed my proposed standard solar model. Namely, that the surface of the Sun is comprised of condensed matter. The brightness and velocity structure of the solar granulation based on the highest-resolution to date is a death blow to the gaseous plasma model of the Sun. I hope this latest finding can convince the mainstream to give up their dogmatic model and provides me with a chance to show them the model that explains all the features of the Sun and at the same time can be used to replicate its primary energy source.”

In separate correspondence with me, Dr Shrair has reiterated that the Sun is “powered externally,” i.e. it receives its energy from a source at a point beyond it, in the central magnetic generator of the galaxy. It is connected to the galaxy through its magnetic field. He stresses that the Sun is a condensed matter entity and its energy is focused from outside, and not expelled from inside. He declares that the information received from DKIST once again demonstrates “that the emperors of solar physics have no clothes.”

Furthermore, according to Jamal Shrair, the brightness of the Sun itself has increased in recent times. It is in a changed state and is burning more brightly than at any time during the past 1,000 years. Moreover, the plasma density was around 10 astronomical units in the early 1960s, but by the middle of the 1990s it became 100 astronomical units – a “massive increase in the overall brightness of the energy at the edge of the solar system.”

Jamal Shrair has designed a device, based on his unique insights into how the Sun really works, that will revolutionize the generation of safe, clean energy. As you might expect, the mainstream scientific community is not embracing this idea, and some have demanded that he provide them with written evidence of his discovery. From past experience, he has reason to be wary of them – so he is first taking out a patent, then will have the design tested, after which he intends to partner with a reputable manufacturer to get his invention on the market.

Following the wide coverage of the pictures from the Inouye Solar Telescope, Dr Jamal Shrair will be writing more on the topic in the coming days. It is my intention to assist him in getting his articles published and read by the public. I look forward to the successful development of his energy generator.

Artist’s impression of the Milky Way and the position of our Sun (lower centre of picture). Credit NASA/JPL-Caltech/ESO (Author R. Hurt)

[1] Quote from Dr Lamya N. Fawwaz, of the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) speaking at the Power and Chemical Energy Systems Conference in October 2016

Galactic Beams:

The Sun & Cosmic Rays; Science & Prophecy.

Related image

Here we are in 2020. Some are embarking on the new decade with optimism, and others with apprehension. This week I have been looking to both science and prophecy for clues as to what we can expect. The key themes that caught my attention were: changes in the Sun and cosmic radiation; Earth changes, including earthquakes and volcanic eruptions; the coming of a new age and a new human.

Cosmic radiation has hit a five-year high and is approaching record high values, as the Sun sets a new record for spotlessness (days without sunspots), according to the record-keeping system that started when the Space Age began in 1957 (marked by the launch of the Soviet Union’s Sputnik). During 2019, the Sun was without spots for 270 days or 77% of the time (as of 16 December). The Sun’s magnetic field weakens during solar minimums, allowing deep space cosmic radiation to flood the Solar System.

The Earth’s magnetic field protects our planet from solar and cosmic rays that could be harmful, like a giant shield. As the planetary poles move around, that shield is weakened – scientists estimate that it could waste away to as little as a tenth of its usual force. The expected Cosmic radiation isn’t hitting the surface yet. But at some point, when the magnetic field has dwindled enough, it will be a different story.

The dangers: potentially devastating streams of particles from the Sun, galactic cosmic rays, and enhanced ultraviolet B rays from a radiation-damaged ozone layer, are just a few of the invisible forces that could harm or kill living creatures.

So, the magnetic field is shifting; the poles may flip; the shield that protects Earth from solar radiation is losing strength. How bad could it get? Well, according to there are over 7.755 Billion people on Earth today. In recent centuries we humans have drastically changed the chemistry of the atmosphere and the ocean with our activities, impairing the life support system of the planet. We have built huge cities, industries and networks of roads, cutting off access to safer living spaces for many other creatures in the process. We have pushed up to a third of all known species toward extinction and have imperiled the habitats of many more. Add cosmic and ultraviolet radiation into the mix, and the consequences for life on Earth could be dire.

It is helpful to know a little more about how the Sun, and our Solar System, works. Scientist Jamal Shrair has explained that the Sun, and all the planets along with it, travels along through the Milky Way in a helical pattern, rather than going around flatly on a dish-shaped plane. In other words, imagine the Solar System as a whole unit (technically it is the ‘Heliosphere’), winding its way like a corkscrew along the galactic plane. As the Sun spirals up and down in the galaxy, the intensity of its magnetic field fluctuates greatly. When it spirals up to its highest point above the galactic plane, the intensity of its magnetic field reaches its ultimate strength and, when it reaches its lowest point below the galactic plane, the opposite is true.

In his book Helical Universe, Dr Shrair writes, “There is a long list of observations from the last one hundred years (especially in the last three decades) to show that the Sun is approaching its highest point above the galactic plane. The magnetic field of the Sun has increased in strength by more than 230% during the 20th century alone. The change in the Sun’s magnetic field is also obvious from solar cycle activities, timing and duration, which physicists are no longer able to explain (solar minimums and solar maximums).”

So, that’s where things stand from a scientific point of view. What have psychically-gifted people predicted?

In light of current events going on in the world today, many people have been looking anew at a prophecy made 75 years ago by a man who was called ‘The Master’ by his followers. Peter Konstantinov Deunov, better-known by his spiritual name Beinsa Douno (born 1864), was a Bulgarian philosopher and spiritual teacher who developed a form of Esoteric Christianity known as the ‘Universal White Brotherhood.’

He left a prophecy that he obtained while in a state of trance, just a week before he passed away in December 1944. This prophecy seems to fit the times we are going through right now, in relation to the shift in consciousness, the earth-changes and the anticipated coming of a Golden Age. He made it clear that the events he saw would occur some decades after his time. Following are a few selected paragraphs from his “Last Word.” To read the whole text, go HERE.

A gradual improvement is already occurring in the thoughts, sentiments and acts of humans, but everybody will soon be subjugated to divine Fire, that will purify and prepare them in regards to the New Era. Thus man will raise himself to a superior degree of consciousness, indispensable to his entrance to the New Life. That is what one understands by ‘Ascension’. Some decades will pass before this Fire will come, that will transform the world by bringing it a new moral. This immense wave comes from cosmic space and will inundate the entire earth. All those that attempt to oppose it will be carried off and transferred elsewhere. Although the inhabitants of this planet do not all find themselves at the same degree of evolution, the new wave will be felt by each one of us. And this transformation will not only touch the Earth, but the ensemble of the entire Cosmos.”


“Everything that is around you will soon collapse and disappear. Nothing will be left of this civilization nor its perversity; the entire earth will be shaken and no trace will be left of this erroneous culture that maintains men under the yoke of ignorance. Earthquakes are not only mechanical phenomena, their goal is also to awaken the intellect and the heart of humans, so that they liberate themselves from their errors and their follies and that they understand that they are not the only ones in the universe.”


“Our solar system is now traversing a region of the Cosmos where a constellation that was destroyed left its mark, its dust. This crossing of a contaminated space is a source of poisoning, not only for the inhabitants of the earth, but for all the inhabitants of the other planets of our galaxy. Only the suns are not affected by the influence of this hostile environment.”


“The New Era is that of the sixth race. Your predestination is to prepare yourself for it, to welcome it and to live it. The sixth race will build itself around the idea of Fraternity. There will be no more conflicts of personal interests; the single aspiration of each one will be to conform himself to the Law of Love. The sixth race will be that of Love. A new continent will be formed for it. It will emerge from the Pacific, so that the Most High can finally establish His place on this planet […] The words “If you are not born again” apply to the sixth race.”


“A new culture will see the light of day, it will rest on three principal foundations: the elevation of woman, the elevation of the meek and humble, and the protection of the rights of man […] Under the earth, something extraordinary is preparing itself. A revolution that is grandiose and completely inconceivable will manifest itself soon in nature.”


On the subject of geological upheavals, aside from earthquakes, volcanic activity is always a concern and I will finish here back in the sphere of science rather than prophecy: Dr Jamal Shrair has written an article for The Watchers in the past few days (see reference below), in which he says, in part: “I have been saying for years that global volcanic activity is on the rise and it’s now obvious that volcanoes are erupting at a faster pace, not only around the ring of fire but also around the entire globe. Even dormant and extinct volcanoes are becoming active again.”

Dr Shrair goes on to list a number of volcanoes that are stirring at present, in regions such as Italy, Chile, PNG, Africa and Indonesia (which has several). I know from following the weekly volcano round-up published by The Watchers that there are many more under observation, including those in Japan. And of course we are all painfully aware of the recent eruption of the White Island volcano in New Zealand.

He continues: “The first question anyone would ask is why there is an increase in volcanic activity? And secondly, why are even dormant volcanoes becoming active? And how can a dead volcano come back to life? If you are going to ask these questions to any mainstream geologist or geophysicist, you are not going to get real scientific answers. Because there is no way these questions can be explained with current theories. This is the reason why the mainstream has averted the issue altogether. But, of course, all geophysicists, especially volcanologists know very well that there is a massive increase in volcanic activities. This fact is overwhelmingly clear from short- and long-term statistics.”

In the end, the best we can do is be prepared – mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Beinsa Douno

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The Sun and Your Cycles of Fortune

Image result for cycles of fortune

As someone who has belonged to the mystical Rosicrucian fraternity for 25 years and studied the system of Cosolargy for 5 years, some of my less spiritually-inclined friends think I am disinterested in the practicalities of the day-to-day secular world. That is not the case. Mysticism is in a fact a very practical application and, for me at least, the goal of any spiritual pursuit must be to improve one’s life. These undertakings need to be rewarding and enjoyable if they are to fulfill their purpose.

Over the years I have learned some beneficial techniques from various sources, some of which are only revealed to initiates after careful preparation, and others that are available to the general public, at least in a condensed version. One field that is always of popular interest is how to attract good fortune, i.e. success in health, wealth, career and relationships.

There is no doubt that we humans have free will. Some people complain that they always have bad luck or are doomed to constantly suffer for no apparent reason. Naturally there are occurrences in this world that are beyond your control but, when it comes to how you react to adverse situations and how you chart the course of your life in the most favourable direction, there are only two possibilities: you are either the master of your destiny, or you are a victim of fate.

Most humans on this planet are conscious that their lives are governed by cycles and rhythms. Nikola Tesla said that if we wanted to understand the universe we should think in terms of vibration and frequency. Unquestionably, the frequencies and cycles that primarily govern our lives are those of the Sun and the Moon. We measure their movement, in relationship to the rotation of planet Earth, on our clocks and calendars and, in doing so, the numbers twelve and seven appear prominently. Today I want to show how cycles of SEVEN may be applied usefully.

The number seven has always held great significance for those interested in mysticism. According to Manly P Hall, it is because humankind is controlled by seven celestial spirits – which I assume correspond to the seven rays expounded by the Theosophists. For those who are religiously inclined, the ancient Jews numbered the Elohim as being seven, while Christians count seven archangels. Lest we stray into the realms of superstition, let’s look at some ways in which SEVEN influences our lives, that we may not have considered before.

Many readers will already be aware that our entire lives can be segmented roughly into seven-years lots. Like many others, I can pinpoint major changes that I underwent in my own life at the ages of 7, 14, 21 and so on. Also, it is said that our physical bodies replace dead cells with new ones in such a way that our bodies are completely reconstituted every seven years.

Breaking that down even further, we can look at each year of our lives as seven periods of 52 days each… we are of course used to doing that the other way around, i.e. 52 weeks comprising seven days each. If you’d like to continue following this line of thought, it needs to be done individually. In other words, don’t take the start of the year, for this particular purpose, as being 1st January, but begin on your own birthday. Rather than make this blog really long, you can find one example of this calculation online HERE. When looking at it, you will notice that the fifth period of 52-days is said to be the most successful, while the seventh cycle is described as being the “most critical.”

But here is the cycle that will probably be of most interest to the reader, due to its more immediate relevance and ease of application: this is the Daily Cycle which divides each 24-hour period into seven segments of approximately 3 hours and 25 minutes each, with each of these mini-cycles influencing us in noticeable ways. Here is what you need to know: you must use the time zone where you live; if your area is on daylight savings time, ignore it and use the normal time (which is based on GMT +/- for your zone).

Next, you will notice that the influences prevailing over each time period are not the same every day – it changes according to the day of the week. Below is a ready-reckoner, and after that is a brief description of the impulses and affects you can expect from each of the seven daily cycles, on any given day of the week. For the following table I have drawn on the work of H. Spencer Lewis PhD (1883-1939) and, for those interested in reading his full explanation of this Daily Cycle in his book Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life, you can download a PDF copy HERE. Dr Lewis noted that the letters corresponded with the seven musical notes A to G.

Time periodSundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday
No. 1 Midnight to 3:25 a.m. G C F B E A D
No. 2 3:25 a.m. to 6:51 a.m. A D G C F B E
No. 3 6:51 a.m. to 10:17 a.m. B E A D G C F
No. 4 10:17 a.m. to 1:42 p.m. C F B E A D G
No. 5 1:42 p.m. to 5:08 p.m. D G C F B E A
No. 6 5:08 p.m. to 8:34 p.m. E A D G C F B
No. 7 8:34 p.m. to Midnight F B E A D G C

Here is a brief summary of each of the seven Daily Cycles.
A: This is the time to come up with new plans; ask favours of persons in high positions; build up legal & financial relationships or ask for a stay in legal proceedings. It is not a good time to loan people money, especially for business ventures; to discuss marital problems or to have surgery.

B: This is a good period for art, music, drama or sensual affairs. It is a good time for things happening in a social way; for hiring staff or engaging agents; an excellent time for buying livestock or collecting outstanding accounts. It’s not a great time to depart on long journeys or setting new long-term ambitions.

C: This time of day is good for education, study, scientific research, printing, publishing and writing important letters. It is also good for getting therapy or taking medicine. But it is negative for getting married or dealing in real estate. Be on guard against fraudsters.

D: This period is fortuitous for marriage, farming (especially planting), having surgical operations, setting off on journeys, and for all kinds of maritime interests including shipping and transport. It is not favourable for signing legal documents, borrowing loans or starting a new venture.

E: This is a good time for going to court; for starting serious new pursuits that you’ve long been thinking about; starting sales & advertising promotions and moving into a new house. But it’s bad for speculating on the stock market, making new contracts other than real estate, and not a good time for new farming operations/planting, or commencing journeys by water.

F: This is the most fortunate part of the day, the “lucky period.” Good for starting new business, signing new contracts, meeting new people, collecting or raising money, buying and selling real estate, marriage, literary work, legal affairs, seeking favours, setting out on journeys. They only things it doesn’t seem to favour are transport/shipping of goods or the hiring of junior/menial workers.

G: This is the time to undertake affairs that require more physical exertion than thinking. It favours aggressiveness, endurance and persistency. It will be successful for dealing with mechanical problems, inventions, building plans and scientific pursuits. It is not a positive period for humanitarian activities, for receiving gifts or favours, and it can be a time of accidents or illness – be careful to avoid being in risky situations.

Whether you are aware of it or not, the Sun is the primary driving force for all the cycles, rhythms and frequencies on our planet and the beings who inhabit it. I have written in my book Here Comes the Sun about our 28-day biorhythms, which start from your day of birth and whose composition of 4 weeks times 7 days roughly correspond with the Lunar cycle. The most pronounced effects produced by the 28-day cycle are on our Psyche. There are websites which enable you to produce a tailor-made biorhythm chart, and which help explain why you are experiencing life the way you are on any particular day, and give you an insight on the days that will be beneficial to your plans, and those that will be adverse.

King Solomon wrote, in the Book of Ecclesiastes:
To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to reap that which is planted.

X WHEEL OF FORTUNE ~ Good luck, karma, life cycles, destiny, a turning point / Bad luck, resistance to change, breaking cycles
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Solar Crop Circles

Are We Ignoring Messages from the Sun?

The Six Suns Crop Circle at Mixon, Nr Etchilhampton, Wiltshire. on 10th August 2018

Crop Circles have been a source of derision for some years now among the general ‘consensus reality’ tribes. Whenever I mention them to my sceptical friends, I am usually greeted with something like, “Don’t you know that was all proved fake years ago when those two old English farmers confessed they had been doing it as a hoax?” (Referring to Doug Bower and Dave Chorley in 1991). That’s despite hundreds of Circles continuing to appear all around the world every year since then – with France being the new “hot spot” this year. I don’t know if Doug’n’Dave are still alive but, if they are, they must be fairly fatigued by now.

Two things rekindled my interest in Crop Circles this week. One was on an episode of Ancient Aliens (History Channel) – demonstrating Cymatics – where sand was spread over a metal plate and subjected to sound waves at a certain frequency to produce organized patterns (which could be how Crop Circles are produced). The other was a book – part of The Awakening series (2017) – by local author Pane Andov I had been re-reading, and in which he connected certain Crop Circles to the Sun.

According to Andov, there was supposed to be a noticeable change in our Sun in December 2012, in accordance with the end of a 5,126-year cycle of the Mayan long-count calendar, but it was thwarted by dark forces. This involved, in part, massive planet-sized UFOs sucking plasma out of our Sun, which I had also blogged about in February 2017 and April 2016 .

In the same book, Andov analyzed Crop Circles which he said demonstrated a transition between the Fifth Sun and the Sixth Sun, or dying of the old Sun and rebirth of the new Sun. He expresses disappointment the predicted geological changes did not occur in December 2012. Like many others, he had expected an ‘overnight’ ascension. However, I think if we could project ourselves into the future, we would look back at the present time, as we roll from the second decade of this century into the 2020s, as being the short period in which the old humanity began to disappear and the New Humans emerged on planet Earth.

I have a book by Gareth J Owen called Crop Circles, Lights & Orbs which I recommend to anyone interested in the subject. Owen’s style is witty and entertaining and, while he is the first to admit there are many hoaxes, his investigations led him to conclude much stranger things exist than he had previously imagined, as his attention was equally drawn to the phenomenon of Orbs. I am personally convinced that the increased sightings of Spheres and Orbs are connected to the Sun, and they may well be what has been termed Intelligent Plasma.

What has been said about UFOs also applies to Crop Circles: consider that if just one – just one – of the thousands of reported incidents is actually the result of extraterrestrial and/or interdimensional intelligence, does that not change everything currently accepted by the mainstream as being the ‘truth’?

According to author Freddy Silva on his Invisible Temple website, “Eighty people have witnessed crop circles manifesting in less than fifteen seconds. Many describe a descending tube of light that rotates and bends the plants without causing any damage.” He goes on to add, “people cannot steam plants at right angles without damage, alter the local gravitational field, change the mineral structure of the soil, encode unknown mathematical theorems, or apply permanent electro-magnetic signatures when attempting to replicate crop circles.”

My interest is in the Crop Circles that are said to be giving us information on the new Sun. Over the past two decades some Crop Circles have incorporated an aspect known as the ‘Mayan connection,’ based on themes from the Aztec-Mayan culture.

There is evidence that whoever, or whatever created these Crop Circles designed them as time-pieces for the current era by means of an ancient Sun-Venus calendar that the Mayans and Aztecs used in central America long ago, along with their famous Long Count calendar. Both calendars appeared in the English Crop Circles pictured below: one at Silbury Hill in 2004; the other at Woolstone Hill in 2005. 

Is it coincidence that these images appeared at this particular time in history, just as one five-millennia-old Mayan Sun ends and another begins? The Long Count calendar ended on December 21, 2012, marking an end to the Fifth Sun which had begun on August 13, 3114 BC. Likewise, their Sun-Venus calendar ended on March 28, 2013, marking an end to the 52-year cycle of Venus which had begun on April 10, 1961, and also marking the start of the new 5000-year cycle of the Sixth Sun.

The Phoenix Crop Circle (below) that appeared in Wiltshire in 2009 also belongs in the ‘Solar’ category. According to Crop Circle enthusiasts, in that picture, our old Sun has been compared metaphorically to the ancient phoenix bird, which lays its eggs in fire and then dies. From the ashes, a new phoenix or new Sun is born. Thus, it was alerting us to the advent of the Sixth Sun. The avian element is also relevant, as I wrote in my article The Rise of the Sun Bird in the new edition of Australian Esoteric Magazine #26.

Image result for phoenix crop circle picture 2009"
The 400-foot Phoenix Crop Circle from 2009 in a barley field in Yatesbury, Wiltshire

The points I am offering here for your consideration are:
Even if you didn’t notice it, the Sun renewed itself in December 2012.
The Sun may be both conscious and intelligent.
We are vanguards of the new epoch of the Sixth Sun.
Solar Crop Circles contain messages that we should be trying to interpret, while we can.

We ignore these messages at our peril!

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