The Light of the Southern Sun

Secrets of the Sphere

What Did Leonardo Know? Spheres are central to your very existence and, in case this has not occurred to you before, we can look at some examples of their significance. Leonardo Da Vinci, who is accepted as having been ahead of his time with his inventions, and also widely regarded as having possessed special insights […]

Signs: Birds Talk to Me

Every night about six o’clockBirds come back to the pond to talkThey talk to me, birds to talk to meIf I go down on my knees– Private Universe lyrics (by Neil Finn / Crowded House) Last week, a flock of birds demanded my attention in a way I could not ignore. Have you ever received […]

Sun Vibes: “Love Hertz”

Consider for a moment all the frequencies that travel through the air and bombard your body on any given day: from mobile phones, wi-fi, radio, microwaves and ⸻ coming soon ⸻ 5G. These manmade inventions all transmit at different frequencies that are constantly penetrating our brains. Modern devices emitting artificial electromagnetic radiation are said to […]

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