The Light of the Southern Sun

In Pursuit of Happiness

We are clearly living through a time of transition. Many are realizing their authentic selves and claiming their truth. Such quests should go hand-in-hand with the pursuit of happiness. In my last blog I quoted the first line of the Desiderata. The very last line is equally valid: Strive to be happy. Last week, the […]

The Quiet Zone

Silence is Golden – and Beneficial to Mind, Body & Spirit Last week a report appeared in the media with the results of an Oxford University study, proving that periods of silence are good for us and aid in the healing process. This concurs with the philosophy of Pythagoras two and a half thousand years […]

Your ‘Inner Citadel’

The Importance of Instant Access to Your Sanctum Within One of the best resources you can have at your disposal to centre yourself in this brave new world is your own private, safe, inner space that you can access quickly, whenever and wherever you need to. Some disciplines teach this practice as a way to […]

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