The Light of the Southern Sun


Crossing the Threshold You know the day destroys the night; Night divides the dayTried to run; Tried to hideBreak on through to the other side– From the Door’s 1967 song, Break on Through, which they explained “is about breaking through from life to death (the other side). It’s a song of transition to the spiritual …


Time’s Toggle Switch Moves Back-and-Forth By Paul V Young © 2020. Gold Coast, Australia. As more evidence comes to light about the real potential of the future to affect the past (known as retro-causality), researchers in different fields are exploring the ways we can put this information to practical use. While simultaneously being informed that …

Great Expectations

For the Star Above the Christmas Tree A total eclipse took place on 14 December – not visible from where I live – just a week before the Solstice and Great Conjunction due on 21 December. These fall in the same week as Christmas, so there are many people around the world looking forward to …

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