Weaving Your Story

In the Fabric of Life

My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue
An everlasting vision of the ever-changing view
A wondrous woven magic in bits of blue and gold
A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold
(- Tapestry, by Carole King, 1971)

Everything you have ever experienced (input) and everything you’ve ever done (output) is recorded in the “Book of Life.” It is added to the ultimate experience of humanity (collective consciousness) and impressed upon the universal memory that has been called by many names: the Akasha; the Cosmic; Nous/Noosphere; the Field. These names represent our human attempt to reduce concepts of infinity down to a place or an object. Some cultures also superimpose ideas of time over the eternal, such as the Aboriginal Dreamtime and the ancient Egyptian Zep Tepi.

It is my belief that the Universe is alive, conscious and intelligent. What we perceive of it via our five senses is just its physical expression. Its unseen Field gathers energetically as a sphere around our planet, magnetised by human consciousness.

The All is Mind; The Universe is Mental.”—The Kybalion

Everything we have once seen, heard, read and learned accompanies us in the form of particles of light.” (Nicola Tesla, the 1899 “Everything is Light” interview).

This view of the Universe as orderly and conscious does not necessarily contradict those who consider the material cosmos to have evolved in a randomly chaotic manner: when intelligence is involved, order proceeds out of chaos, light comes forth from darkness and Reality is manifested out of the Void.  

It is a good idea to consciously and purposefully weave your life story into the Universal Field in a way that leaves you feeling rewarded and content in the knowledge that you have made a contribution of your unique life story to the All.

Writing is an excellent way to bring your life into clearer perspective. You do not need to write a book – a journal, diary or simple scribblings in a notebook are all beneficial. You do not need to “live in the past” (although the past may well live in you). Nor do you need re-live unpleasant experiences over and over, but instead reassign new meaning to them.

Nothing about you or your life experience should be viewed as wrong or wasted – it might just be a matter of fine tuning the instrument of your life story so that it takes its place in the symphony of humanity’s orchestra.

The personality you believe yourself to be might only be something you made up, because you were taught when you were young that you had to create such an image and persona. Your first impulse might be to describe yourself by your gender, occupation, nationality or religion, when the reality is that your true self is none of these. These are characters you identify with and, because you haven’t yet found the truth of “I AM,” you think you are that character. You are not your thoughts – you are the being behind the thoughts, you are the presence/I am that dwells in them.

Anyone who becomes completely identified with the lower egoic self that is trapped in their brain, becomes not the glorified human being promised by that ego, but rather an exaggeration of certain aspects, resulting in something we generally refer to as a “stereotype.”

The analytical psychologist Carl Jung spoke of “archetypes,” the unconscious psychological structures common to all humans, resulting from our evolution; they reside in the collective unconscious, as well as in its image in each of us (your individual nous).

This agrees with the Neoplatonists, who discerned the Cosmic mind as existing on an immutable realm of Being, which governed our world and our psyches. All this is the macrocosm, the greater cosmos in which we exist, but each of us is also an image of it, a microcosm. In this lower realm is the Cosmic soul (the Anima Mundi), which brings the infinite and eternal into manifestation in space and time in the ordinary physical body, the realm of becoming, in which everything is in flux. Your nous intuitively grasps the existence of the higher realms in their timeless connections.

Sometimes I quote from the Desiderata and perhaps its most memorable line is: You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here. By virtue of this truth, your Life Story is valid and meaningful and, as you weave it, you should make it a worthwhile addition to the Akashic Record or “Book of Life.”

It is my intention to continue this theme with a series of blogs in the coming weeks, and I invite you to explore with me some techniques to help make sense of your life story, using casual forms of writing to bring things into focus. This will include a look at which of the main archetypes might be applicable to yourself and those around you who are intimately entwined in your Story.

As you’d expect, the process entails a self-examination that must begin with a couple of fundamental questions:
Who Am I?
What is my Life Story?

Published by australianesoteric

Paul V Young is a freelance writer and published author. He is a certified practitioner of Reiki, NLP and LOA, and a certified TEFL English Teacher. After working and travelling in SE Asia for many years, he has now settled down at the Gold Coast, Australia.

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