Great Expectations

For the Star Above the Christmas Tree

A total eclipse took place on 14 December – not visible from where I live – just a week before the Solstice and Great Conjunction due on 21 December. These fall in the same week as Christmas, so there are many people around the world looking forward to a period of brightness and joy, however brief, as respite during what has otherwise been a time of gloom and disappointment.

For those observing the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the night sky with their naked eye, it might appear as one bright star, reminiscent of the one that was said to have appeared as a guiding sign in the heavens at the birth of Christ. German astronomer, Johannes Kepler, wrote in 1614 that he believed the ‘star of Bethlehem’ in the Nativity story could have been a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

A number of commentators who are respected in the ‘new age’ community believe that there will be a division of people, as the planetary Schumann resonance rises. That used to be pegged at 7.83 but has been rising and expected by some to settle permanently at over 110hz, separating humanity into two different vibrational frequencies. This sounds a bit like the “rapture” expected by some Christians, where two men will be in a field, one is left behind while the other is “taken” as if to move into a different dimension.

My personal view has always been that everyone needs to work on their own spiritual wellbeing, rather than wait on an external source to deliver ascension to them. Today, just like every other day, at least 150,000 people have died around the globe. For them, that is their personal “end time.” Whatever your beliefs are, you need to put them into practice in the morning, because there is no guarantee you’ll still be here in the evening.

It is evident we live in a world of duality and that a human is in fact a binary being. My focus has long been on reuniting the two divided parts of the Self. When I read The Secret of the Golden Flower this year, I resonated with this Chinese perspective of the separation of Consciousness (head) and Life (heart) within each of us, and this in turn gave me a new perspective on everything else I looked at. I made a clumsy attempt at summarising this teaching here, mainly for my own benefit rather than as an article.

That book included a commentary by Carl Jung, so this week I decided to go back and re-read The Division of Consciousness by Peter Novak, who sees the human psyche as being divided into the Conscious (spirit) and unconscious (soul). It has been almost 20 years since I read the latter book and it took on a new meaning, in light of what I have learned in the interim. There is a section in it that is relevant both to the Christmas Season, and the Great Expectations held by many for the coming new age.

Author Peter Novak has dubbed his concept Division Theory. He considers that only Judeo-Christianity and Zoroastrianism perceived “that the story was not yet compete, that this ultimate drama [humanity’s divided consciousness] still had more changes scheduled to occur.” However, he writes, even those two systems failed to grasp an important point: the two parts of our divided Self can only reunite while in a physical body. In support of that he cites:

Because of this, Christ came to repair the separation which was from the beginning, and again unite the two, and to give life to those who died as a result of the separation and unite them. But the woman is only united to her husband in the bridal chamber [while in the physical body].” (The Gnostic Gospel of Philip 70:9-22)

Novak adds, “However, at least according to the scriptures of the Gnostics, he [Christ] would need to occupy a physical body himself in order to accomplish such a feat [a universal resurrection]. It seems, according to this theory, that such an incarnation might only need to be brief. I will quote a few paragraphs of The Division of Consciousness here, from a chapter titled, “Morning is coming, but also the Night.”

“[Division Theory] suggests that Jesus will return by reincarnating into a new baby body, instead of regenerating the same adult body he had when he was crucified. This interpretation drastically changes many long-held assumptions about his Second Coming.”
And a Little Child Will Lead Them:
If Jesus were to reincarnate after his soul had been linked to all others, the extraordinary scenario described above would not only be likely to occur, but also would do so while he was still a young child. From infancy of course, his mind would slowly grow toward full conscious awareness, not becoming capable of clear objective though until he was at least a few years old. However, during those early years before he reached that full awareness, while his conscious imagination still dominated his thought processes, the human race would probably experience some very peculiar phenomena

Members of the Cosolargy System believe that this event has already taken place, with the Advent of the child Jamil in 1959 and his short life in Peru in the early 1960s. (For more about his life, the book Jamil: Child of Light is available on Amazon).

These days it is common knowledge that the Romans borrowed the feast day of Saturnalia to commemorate the birth of Jesus. If you go to Wikipedia for information on the date, you are informed:
The first recorded Christmas celebration was in Rome on December 25, AD 336. Although no date is indicated in the gospels, early Christians connected Jesus to the Sun through the use of such phrases as “Sun of righteousness.” The Romans marked the winter solstice on December 25. […] Linking Jesus to the Sun was supported by various Biblical passages. Jesus was considered to be the “Sun of righteousness” prophesied by Malachi: “Unto you shall the sun of righteousness arise, and healing is in his wings.”

Putting aside the technicality of the actual date not being correct, just like the Queen’s Birthday, these days we observe what we call the “Christmas Spirit.” It is a time to celebrate birth and unity, no matter whether you connect it to the cycles of the Sun, or the Son. If it should happen to coincide with a special celestial event this year, and possibly a raising in the frequency of our consciousness, so much the better. Perhaps the Great Expectations of many will be realized.  

I wish my readers the compliments of this Christmas Season. You know that on a higher level, you receive just as you give. If the Three Wise Persons should appear at your doorstep, may they be bearing the gifts of Light, Life and Love.

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Paul V Young is a freelance writer and published author. He is a certified practitioner of Reiki, NLP and LOA, and a certified TEFL English Teacher. After working and travelling in SE Asia for many years, he has now settled down at the Gold Coast, Australia.

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